Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Friday peeps!

Exhasuted. Worn out. Can't do any more. This is me tonight. The last 2 weeks have been too long and filled with too much. So relieved that tonight is Friday night and that I don't have to work all weekend! Woop!

This is my weekend theme song

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Be thankful life isn't fair

I think he was around 5 years old the first time my son said, "It isn't fair!" That day and any day since I have told him that we should thank God every day that life isn't fair.

When he was much younger I told him he should be thankful life isn't fair because tonight some child doesn't have a bed to sleep in. Some child has no toys to play with. Some child didn't have a good dinner like he did. I wanted him to really understand that "fair" means we all have the same things, the same life and that there are plenty of people out there much worse off than he could even imagine.

As he got older I got more harsh about it I guess you could say. And believe me, he rarely ever insinuated that life wasn't fair because he knew what was coming from me. I told him, "Today someone's mom died. Today someone no longer has a mom that they get to see or talk to or hug." I said that to him more than once. He remembers it well as do I. Perhaps it's needless to say that my son hasn't uttered the words, "It isn't fair!" in so long I can't even remember the last instance.

But you see, today someone's mom did die and I happen to know that "someone".

My friend N lost her mother today. She asked for prayers for her dad but I know she can use her share as well. My friend N is a very strong woman. Stronger than she thinks. She has a wicked sense of humor and has brightened my day on more occasions than I could possibly count. She gives and gives and somehow seems to have endless energy. Of course she has her own problems that she doesn't shy from talking about. I think that is a huge reason why I believe she is so strong. The weak hold back. The weak are afraid to let people know they are real. They are human. They have problems. They need help. N is real and she is amazing.

My heart goes out to N, her dad, her children and family tonight. I know they can use all the thoughts and prayers they can get. I wish them peace and comfort, today and always. I wish her extra strength to help her dad get through this and I wish her someone close to her who can help her get through it as well.

Thank you N for being you. I know you will scoff at this, but you really do inspire people to do more and be more.