Monday, February 08, 2010

Headphone replacement

Finally picked up a new set of headphones with mic to replace the ones the cat did in the other day. Found these at Target for $16.99 and I luff them! <3 They seem to be louder than the ones from Apple which came with my iPhone so it's easier to hear with them (yay) and they are much more comfy. Plus they're $14 less than Apple's. It's kind of a win/win ~ even so I am not thanking my cat just yet for eating my last headset.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

It's not my year for headphones, apparently.

So about a week ago I woke up in the morning to find the headphones for my iPhone on the floor of my bedroom. Sans glasses I thought the cat had found a string to play with. With glasses I was pissed!

I know I should have been happy that the cat didn’t end up doing damage to herself as I’d be out a lot more than $30+ tax… however, I wasn't feeling super charitable at that moment. Good news is my co-worker said she got a pair for $15 at Radio Shack so I'm going to hit them up and see what they've got.

But it gets better!

When I got my 160GB iPod Classic a couple years back for Christmas I quickly realized that the headphone ear buds were big to the point of hurting my ears after 10 minutes of use. Less than a week later I ordered a smaller set from which proved to be pretty darn awesome for me. One day ago I pulled my iPod and headphones out of my purse and um. This can't be good....

I think the moral of the story is, when it comes to headphones or headset's for Apple products go cheap because apparently they are the one thing I'm going to go through quickly! That or, don't have a pet cat and get a case to carry your iPod headphones in for protection.