Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Are you on MySpace.com? I am now and it's all D*ana's fault. If you are too let me know. I feel rather pathetic with only 2 friends... I don't count that Tom dude. Ok, so I don't really care except it looks a little sad on my profile. :) Yennyway, if you're on there and read my blog - let me know!

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I survived the dentist

and it wasn't so bad... I had been dreading the shot - but apparently he's really good at giving 'em and or it was my high pain threshold kicking in. Either way, yay. I'm as numb as a mother and it is so bizarre feeling (haven't been numb since I was 15 and had my wisdom teeth out). Cra-zay!

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Monday, May 30, 2005

I'm alive. No, really.

Well my husband actually put the elliptical together for me today! I slept in past him (amazing) and he got up, showered and started putting it together. :D It's huge. OMG. I mean, I saw it at Sears, but it seems so much bigger in our apartment. I've only just started to get things reorganized so there's room for the elliptical. Its in the place it will remain, but everything else isn't.

Just finished going through kiddo's First Grade school work. Everything he's brought home this last school year - wow. It's incredible how far he's come in a years time. Tomorrow it's back to the grind until Friday (the last day of school). Kiddo is so excited for school to get out. Compare that to last year where he was very upset about it. LOL He still loves school, but he now also welcomes a little break.

Lucky me, I get to visit the dentist tomorrow morning. They're going to remove my old filling (only one I have) and replace it as it's really old. I am so not looking forward to it. I never used to dislike going to the dentist.... but now. Ugh. I don't wanna go. Thankfully after this I'm basically "caught up" on my dental stuff and only need the check up/cleaning every 6 months. I am probably going to have retainers made for myself though as my lower teeth are starting to go back to how they were.

I hope you had a nice Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Hilarious Blog

This site cracks me up to no end. They are too freakin' funny. They post images of vintage patterns and then make up stories for them. OMG. You must check it out.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Disney Quiz

A friend sent me this and I thought it was cute. So here it is:

You scored as Sleeping Beauty. Your alter ego is Princess Aurora, a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty! You are beautiful and enchanting, and as sweet as ever.

Sleeping Beauty




The Beast






Donald Duck




Cruella De Ville


Snow White


Peter Pan


Which Disney Character is your Alter Ego?
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Thursday, May 12, 2005

This kid!

We're out to dinner last night for my mom's birthday. We're sitting there and she offers kiddo a bit of her brownie and ice cream sundae (the rest of us got root beer floats with our meals). He said his typical, "Sure." Then he felt the need to explain it. He said all sweetly, "That means yes. I'd like a bite, ok?" Good lord. So, I'm pimping out the kid now - if you need an education or words explained to you - I can hook you up. But good!

We were driving the other day into the valley. There are gorgeous green rolling hills with bushes and trees everywhere. Kiddo says, totally out of the blue, "Those trees... they look like broccolis."

Men Working... I'll alert the media

Every wonder why men need a sign when they work? Yeah, me either - as it's painfully obvious. They're proud that they're working. I dunno 'bout you, but I've never seen a WOMEN WORKING sign. Ever. Why? We never stop working so what's the point.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This one is at least a little more like it. Use extreme caution around a man who is working.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I <3 Family Guy

It's horrible, irreverent and all around awful. I love it. I am amazed, stunned, horrified and tickled with every episode. Yay for Fox finally bringing it back.

Which Family Guy character are you?

Monday, May 09, 2005

Oh.my.god. They're HORRIBLE!

Ack! I once had thoughts of being a teacher. After today - I will never think of that again. Holy hell. Those kids are HORRIBLE! Ack!

Was in kiddo's class today doing a project with the kids for the teacher's end-of-the-year-gift. I had sent home packets with the kids and they were to do it at home. Well, half of them didn't. And I need it done NOW (the deadline was last Friday) so I can do my end, blah, blah. So I had to go in today and do it w/the ones who didn't do it at home.

The kids are so beyond terrible. I need some meds or something. Can you say frazzled?! Holy crap. If kiddo behaved like that I'd change my thinking on smacking/spanking him. Good lord. I feel for their parents... although they're like that, I'm sure, because their parents let them get away with it.

God bless teachers.


Happy *ahem* (late) Mother's Day!

Yeah, I'm late but I still hope all you Mom's had a really great Mother's Day. Because of my obsession with Google and their cute-sie holiday logo changes (among other things) here's what they had up for Mom's Day. Say it with me now, awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My Mom's Day was good. Hubby and the Kid came though in a big way. I felt, for the most part, undeserving as I'm having issues right now with my hormones being so out of whack.

Saturday they both went shopping with a list I'd made up for them (per their request). I had no idea what they would choose from the list (or if they would even stick to the list). They did good. For real. Real good. Kiddo had made me a card a few days ago and he'd also made me a M-O-T-H-E-R poster thing at school using each letter in the word MOTHER to say something really cute and sweet.

On their shopping trip they made the following purchases. :D

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
That is, a roller massager from Bath & Body Works, The Body Shop Nut Foaming Bath, The Body Shop Hi-Shine Lip Treatment and Prescriptives Lippity Split. Of course there are two lip products in there. Do my boys know me or what?!

We saw our Mom's today... had brunch with my Mom and Grandmother (and other family) and had dinner with my husband's Mom (and Dad).

So yeah, I cannot complain one little bit about my day. It was good. I am loved and frankly I couldn't ask for more.

The next few days will be insane. I have a ton of work piling up here - plus I am supposed to be putting together the end-of-the-year-class-gift which is turning out to be a royal pain in the a$$ and taking a lot of time that I don't have.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

I can't help it.... proud mom moment

I'm a mom, I can't help it. I had to share this. Kiddo drew it months ago and I simply love it. It is the coolest thing ever. :) He drew it, in part, thanks to an Usborne book about drawing that we gave him for Christmas 2004. I believe it was the "What Shall I Draw Today?" book. Anyway, this was done his first try and being the ridiculous perfectionist he is (gee, wonder where he got that from?!) he wasn't crazy about it. It wasn't good enough. The lines weren't straight, blah, blah. Whatever. I think it's awesome. It rocks. My kid is the bomb. :D

And now I will shut up about my kid and go finish up some work so I can go to bed.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The suck-fest that was yesterday

So I go to bed at a somewhat decent hour (well, decent for me anyway) Monday night. I lay there wide awake for 2 hours. No joke. I'm sick with a head cold, I had, at that point benadryl and codeine in me which normally knocks me right out. But no. Wide awake.

After laying there awake for 2 hours it starts. Horrible, painful, piercing abdominal cramps. I mean it was baaaaaaaaaaaad. I end up in the bathroom several times. Finally it seems to stop and I am back in bed laying there awake. I toss and turn. I don't sleep. By the time the alarms start to go off I realize I had actually slept for maybe 20 min. here and there. I also realize I have a splitting headache that is verging on being a migraine. I realize there is no way I can safely drive my child to school. I realize I am pissed that they charge families for their children to ride the bus to school.... ok, so I've known that all year but I'm seeing now how badly it really sucks. Your kid cannot just ride the bus one morning to school. They need a bus pass which we don't have, blah, blah.

So I call the kid in sick for school. He comes in at 7:30 a.m. "Mom. We gotta hurry. It's already 7:30!" Damn him and his SpongeBob Alarm Clock. Damn him and knowing how to tell time now. I give him the news. I can't drive him to school. He's very upset, storms out of the room like his life is about to end. He cried, he's mad. He comes back in, "Mom. Can Dad drive me to school?" Dad is still in bed next to me, the bum. According to Dad, he can't do it or he'll be late to work. Never mind he's late to work every day anyway.

I make sure the kid has food and I go back to bed. I toss and turn and sleep on and off until noon. I feel like hell embodied. I feel like I hadn't slept in weeks. Then it starts up again. The cramping, the bathroom trips. All day long this happens.

I actually did mostly succeed in doing nothing all day... but lemme tell ya. I'd rather have been up and feeling well that's for darn sure!

The one thing I actually did accomplish was I cleaned out the freezer and fridge and then washed it out, too. That was no easy task. My husband was complaining that it smelled like rotting veggies (it did) so there was no putting it off. I never did find where the smell was coming from. I tossed out the veggies, but they were all sealed in baggies and did not smell nasty. *sigh* An hour after the cleaning, it still smelled when you opened up the freezer. A few hours later the stink was gone. Irritating that I have no clue what caused it. No spills anywhere in there.... I mean, yeah, it was dirty and dusty and icky. But no stinky spots or spills.

Whatever. Now it's all nice and clean.

This morning kiddo comes in to get milk for his cereal. He opens the fridge door and I hear him quietly gasp, "Whoa." Then he says, "Uh, mom. Did you throw everything away?" He's a sharp little bugger that one.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Woo Hoo!

Ok, I have to post this because I am so happy about it. Being the room mother/parent for my child's first grade class this year I was "in charge" of putting together out basket for the Annual Spring Auction. Our theme was Car Care, Travel & Safety. I had moments of concern that the other parents in the class wouldn't come through and donate an item (or two) or cash but in the end they did and how!

We ended up with a fabulous basket that was worth at least $455.00 and ended up selling for over $400.00. That's a lot - other class baskets were selling for much, much less (though they were worth less also).

So, Woo Hoo!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

After doing laundry all afternoon, is it any wonder I forgot?

So, I did laundry all afternoon. I was very nearly impressed with myself. Then I made dinner even though I'm totally sick and wanted to drop into bed. Image hosted by Photobucket.com So, I'm telling the kid he needs to go get ready for bed and it hits me. He's out of his daily asthma med! Crap! I totally forgot to pick up his refill this afternoon. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I check online and am very thankful that Longs Drugs pharmacy is open until 10 p.m. Wooo! Super Mom (that'd be me - ha) got the kid into bed and then rushed to the store get the meds and other needed items (milk, cereal, cookies... just the necessities LOL).

I'm so worn out its not even funny. Tomorrow I hope to accomplish next to nothing but I already have a feeling that I will fail.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

"If you don't have anything nice to say....

don't say anything at all. "

I could use that as my excuse for not posting for the last week or so. Or I could tell the truth - that I've just been crazy busy and have been too worn out at night to even consider rehashing and typing out all the stupid things people have said and done around me this week.

I'm not sure anyone really wants to hear about how our insurance company totally screwed us over, how a woman took her road rage out on me in the Mervyn's parking lot, how my kid puked and was home sick on Monday, how I went to the gyn on Monday for the issues I'm having, how I'm now sick with a head cold....

Right? Right. Boring crap. Who cares.

The one bit of good news from last week is: after not going to the dentist for 11 years (did you gasp? Are you horrified?) I got a clean bill of mouth. No cavities, no plaque build up, no gum problems. Woo.

I promise I will get my butt to the dentist every 6 months from now until the day that we no longer have dental insurance. :D

Japanese Macaque

Japanese Macaque Posted by Hello

I don't know about you but when I was in first grade we did not have to do research, take notes on 4x6 cards and do an "art" type project to go along with it ending in an oral report to the class.

Seriously, I am amazed at what kids these days have to do. My kiddo was told to do his report on the monkey. Dude. did you know there are freakin' 20 or more types of monkey's? Yeah... so he's just doing it on the Japanese Macaque. In spite of my cynical self, I have to say it's been interesting.

As I type this Kiddo is working on his project for this thing. He's making a collage of sorts. So long as it doesn't look like pure crap when he's done I might snap a photo and post it later. Now we're off to work on his 4x6 note cards. *eye roll*