Thursday, March 31, 2005

The new love of my life....

Häagen-Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Tell me honestly... is it wrong to love food? Really? Well.... that sucks because the newest love in my life is Häagen-Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream. I happened upon it about a month ago... then I started having major cravings for peanut butter anything. At that point, of course, every store was out of this flavor of Häagen-Dazs. Figures, right? Well, I happily report I found some today at Ralph's (That'd be Kroger for you non-west coast people). I'm not sure if I should confess I bought two pints because I was worried I wouldn't find it again or not. I think I'll keep that detail to myself.

The good news is - it is awesome and I'll share. The bad news is - you don't even want to know the nutritional information. Ack!

Two new lip glosses that I need

Ok, right. So I need another lipgloss about as much as I need another husband. But I want these two - they sound awesome. Plus, my Clinique counter is having a GWP deal right now. I wonder if they have these in yet? *feels a trip to the mall coming on*

Clinique's newest lip gloss offering is called Colour Surge Impossibly Glossy. Oooooh. Down to business, here's the 411 on this baby:

"Unbelievable, indescribable, inconceivable high beam shine. This smooth, light, moisturizing formula comes in 12 pearly shades for a combination of colour and comfort that’s impossible to resist. Squeeze tube makes application quick and easy."

Clinique Colour Surge Impossibly Glossy Posted by Hello

The other new lip gloss I am craving is from Chanel. Oh yes, Chanel is basically too chic for me. I know this. I'm not completely stupid. I'm not cool or sophisticated. But gimme a break. Chanel's Glossimer Lip Gloss is quite possible the holy grail of all lip gloss - so this new gloss has me jonesing. Chanel Cristalle Gloss Waterlight Gloss Ahhh. It just sounds fabulous, doesn't it? Seriously, listen to this hype:

"Waterlight gloss for lips glides on a sheer, ultra-shine colour. Unique formula feels good on lips and imparts a fabulous, vibrant look."

C'mon now. Am I honestly supposed to not give in?


Chanel Glossimer LÈVRES SCINTILLANTES Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Google's nifty logo designs

Google Van Gogh Posted by Hello

I know I can't be the only one who loves it when Google changes around their logo for Holidays and famous people's birthdays? Today is apparently Vincent Van Gogh's birthday, thus their logo.

One of life's simple pleasures. :D

Monday, March 28, 2005

For real. Awful Monday ahead.

Um... "What next?!?!" is what I'd like to say - no, scream, right now. I was meaning to write up a post about our pet rat, Scrappy, and how badly she has deteriorated over the last 6 weeks. I have it mostly typed up, but not quite ready to submit on the blog.... it's not written with humor and is mostly a big downer so people may not want to read it anyway...

Tomorrow kiddo won't be going to school. He'll miss the first day back from Spring Break because he did something to his back. Ahhhhhhhh. He was all lookin' at his back in the mirror of the bathroom today before we left for my family's home. Tonight he tells me it hurt. Sure 'nuf - you apply pressure to his lower back (either side of the spine) and he's in pain. So we've got him freakin' out that something is very wrong with him and he's freakin' out that he has to miss school and go to the Dr. He's crying, he's a mess.

Finally get him calmed down.

I come out, Scrappy, our rat is a total mess. She can't lift herself up and is trying to. It is the saddest thing I've seen in my life and I've seen plenty. But this is just so pathetic and sad.... I'm crying - gah.

I try to watch TV.... then kiddo comes out (keep in mind at this point it's midnight and he went to bed at 8 pm but kept getting up to use the bathroom, etc.) with tears in his eyes and says, "Mom, I think I'm really getting sad about Scraps." Then the tears start rolling. I hold him, we cry. He sits down with me and we channel surf until we feel a little better.

What a night. I need a little time away to have the breakdown I deserve. Tomorrow keeps getting better. *sarcasm* No school now - Dr. instead. Providing Scrappy lives through the night I need to pick up a couple of things that we'll need to put her to sleep [forever]. I have to go to the grocery store which is always a joy especially with the kid. Scrappy will die tomorrow if not before. We'll bury her. We'll drive all the way to xxxxx to let kiddo pick out a new rat.

Can I just go to bed for a few days instead? Can I call in sick tomorrow? Oh, that's right. Mom's don't get sick days. Not even when they really are sick.

I've got a killer headache. I'm going to bed. I hope I can sleep. I hope kiddo's Dr. can get him in tomorrow without a fuss. I hope he doesn't freak out too much with the Dr.

For real. Awful Monday ahead.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

What's the deal with Peeps? ... and other Easter candy rambings

Peeps Posted by Hello

What is it with Peeps? I mean, I get it. They are loved. They are popular. Personally I find them to be vile little bastards. Sorry, but sugar coated, soft marshmallow? Just.... no. I don't understand why they're so loved. Don't believe me? Well, you obviously haven't see the Lord of the Peeps - The Fellowship of the Peep (for real people - you must check this out). Then there's the Peep Research site where you can see people with even more time on their hands than I have, expose and document what happens to a Peep when soaked in nitrogen and hit with a hammer. I kid you not. Go check it out. Amusing shiz-nit, let me tell you.

It's not that I'm not into Easter candy either. Let's face it. Besides Spring Break and the fact that Winter is usually over or nearly over, candy is a big thing to look forward to come Easter season. My personal favorite is hands down the Dove Truffle Egg. Heaven help me, they are to die for. Thankfully for my waistline they are only available during this time of year. Seriously, they easily rival the milk chocolate See's truffles. Granted, I am a bigger fan of the dark chocolate See's truffles - but still. See's is awesome. Dove truffle eggs are, likewise, awesome.

Dove Truffle Egg *drool* Posted by Hello

As I sat here tonight thinking of, what else but Peeps (as if you couldn't tell) I thought about how much I really dislike them. I haven't had one in years and don't plan to change that anytime soon. I just don't enjoy them - they're rather gross to be quite frank. I buy them several times a year because my husband really enjoys them. Peeps aren't just for Easter any more folks. Nope, the Just Born folks also put them out for Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas, 4th of July. As if once a year wasn't enough. *gag* But hey, I love my husband, so I buy him a pack or two each holiday they're available. But me? I steer clear. Way, way clear. Peeps are just not for me.

Then I remembered. Oh, dear. Peeps did get to me. Ugh. I own a pair of Peep earrings. Shoot! I will admit that I am the one who purchased them. I'm sorry, they were freakin' adorable. Tacky and juvenile. But adorable. Perhaps the most tragic thing is, if I remember I actually wear them one day a year. Just to the kid's class Easter party. But still. Send fashion help. Now. Hurry.

My Peep Earrings Posted by Hello

This creepy moment brought to you by the letter I - Here's my eye

Eye-yiiiiiiii-yiiiiiiiiiii Posted by Hello

What can I say except that it's late (what else is new?!) and I felt like perhaps I should post a photo that I acutally hold the copyright to -- for my "me" Blog photo. So here ya go. That's my eye. Scary?

What gets me is, my eyes are blue - but can look sort of blue-green at time. Yet in this photo they look 100% green. I am wearing green eye liner and eye shadow... I wonder if that's why? Whatever. There's my eye that spiffed up in Paint Shop ... or was it PhotoShop? It's after 2:00 a.m. and I honestly can't remember what program I loaded nor do I really care. You don't either, so we'll leave it at that.

Want to see what the kid stuck up his nose?

The black-circle-not-a-ball-thing and a dime Posted by Hello

Ahh, yes. I finally took a photo of the black rubber circle-thing-that-was-not-a-ball that the kid stuck up his nose last week. What? You didn't think I'd do something so silly? Puh-lease. The kid will, god willing, be a teenager some day. This is blackmail material people. I have to start to collect things now. What am I saying? I have naked baby photos hidden away. I started years ago.... *bwahahahaha*

For those who think I am one sick puppy - no, this is NOT the exact one that the kid had up his nose. This is the other one. The one he ran right in to get to show me that he knew where another one was. I'm not quite to the mental state of photographing things that come out of my child's nose.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

late night makeup shopping spree ~ Weeeeeeee

Of course not spending any money on the new Stila Midnight Bloom stuff did me so much good that I just had a late night shopping spree on Gloss. At least I had been planning this cosmetics haul and had saved up for it. Go me. Now, if I can just keep doing that - only buying stuff I've saved for.

I needed a couple of the new MAC Fluidlines and the MAC counter at Macy's had totally sold out of them. I showed great restraint by ordering just two shades; Brassy and Waveline.

MAC Fluidline Posted by Hello

I'm so behind the times; I hadn't yet tried out Stila's Shadow Pots. They have been out how long now? Well, awhile.. at least since last October I believe. Anyway, an Iris colored Shadow Pot is on its way to me.

Stila Shadow Pot Posted by Hello

That really ought to do me for awhile. Can't wait for my new goodies to get here. Shoot, I may even snap some photos of my eyes after I have play time with the new toys. Now there's a scary thought!

Oh - and free shipping code on any order until 3/29/05: SPRN3

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Fine, I don't hate the rain.

Fine, I don't hate the rain. I love the rain so long as I can be half nekked in bed all snuggled up with my husband while we listen to the rain falling outside.

Otherwise... forget it.

Tales of rain and Chef Boyardee

Chef Boyardee Ravioli Posted by Hello

I freakin' hate the rain.

Enough already, ok?! I get it. We were in a drought for years. Yeah, were; past tense. So whatever yahoo is still praying for rain can stop already.

Mid February they said we'd already received twice the amount of rain we get in any give year... over the last 6 weeks. Since then, it's been raining off and on. Once again, it's pouring outside. The kid was watching TV (Spring Break ya'll) and the Emergency Broadcast System posted a notice. Do not go anywhere unless it's an emergency. The roads are flooding, it's not safe. Fab-U-lous. We look out the window. Sure 'nuf - the street basically had two small rivers flowing. One on each side of the street.

It's Spring Break *she said talking to the sky* ..... so much for my promise to take the kid to the beach and the train park the next two sunny days we have this week. The train park as the kid calls it has a real locomotive in the front of the park for the kiddies to climb on while mom has near fatal heart attacks watching in horror.

In other somewhat related news: I did manage to get 2 loads of laundry done... getting soaked each time I went outside, umbrella or no. It stopped raining for a few seconds so I took back our Blockbuster movies and went and bought the few things we were totally out of. Got soaked of course loading things into the car. Got soaked unloading the car. Dropped my umbrella, picked it up. Dropped a can of Chef Boyardee Ravioli. Apparently they fell out of an invisible hole in the bag.

My life is charming.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Burberry.... cute, but not $600 cute!

Burberry Roll Bag $575 @ Saks Posted by Hello

I don't know why I am drawn to this bag. I think it is fabulous.... but not $575.00 fabulous. Good lord! The most I've ever spent on a hand bag or purse was $29. What makes this bag so pricey, besides the Burberry thing?! It's canvas for heavens sake. I know full well cotton doesn't cost that much - I've purchased a 6 pack of 100% cotton underwear at Target for $4.99. There's not that much leather on this puppy, either. What gives?

Code 46 - "Everyone's child is special. It makes you wonder where all the ordinary adults came from."

Code 46 Posted by Hello

"Everyone's child is special. It makes you wonder where all the ordinary adults came from." - Samantha Morton, Code 46

Last night my husband and I watched Code 46 with Tim Robbins and Samantha Morton. I hadn't even heard of it, but my husband had it recommended to him by a friend. It was really interesting. I'm sure many would hate it, but we did not. It's not a happy movie, there is no action even thought Blockbuster had it listed as Action/Sci-Fi. Perhaps they were counting Tim Robbins getting some action as Action, but I'm thinking not. Lucky man does get it on three times in 90 minutes.

If you want to see it my only warnings are:

- there is female nudity... of the below the waist variety *watches as every man runs out to buy Code 46*

- you will have to think and put things together for yourself. They don't spell it out how the world works, you're only given glimpses.

- I heard that it's nothing like the trailer makes it out to be. I wouldn't know, having never seen the trailer.

I had to post about this movie if for no other reason than the awesome line about ordinary adults and special children. Hilarious!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

So much for a nice relaxing day....

Last night I decided today I was going to go out alone. Alone = sans child. I was going to try and return those putrid Dessert lip glosses and then I was going to hit the mall. I was going to go to Macy's and browse until all the stress had left my body... however long that took. Then I was going to finally decide what to spend the rest of my Macy's gift cards on. I've had these gift cards since December - got them for Christmas and my birthday. It is amazing that with my shopping habits I have any gift cards from December - but that is what being crazy sick off and on for three months will do to a person.

Notice the whole "I was going to..." bit? You did? Wow! You get a gold star!

Yeah... the kid changed my plans in one cute, sweet little sentence. He asked me,

"Mom, are you really tired today? 'Cuz I'm wearing my last pair of underwear."

Darn him! Fine. Fine. All the laundry, dusting, vacuuming, etc. that I'd somehow managed to put off doing all week long caught up to me. It was time. I hate housework. I really do. It's evil. Laundry is just as bad if not worse. I mean, it's possible to actually have the house 100% clean at any give time. Improbable, but possible. While with laundry... there's just no way. Even if the hampers are empty - that only lasts for what? An hour? At that time the kid or the husband puts everything they own into the hamper. How do they do that? Why hold out? Why hold onto dirty clothes?

So, yeah. I've got 5 loads of laundry going downstairs. I vacuumed the entire place - including the couch. I was washing the couch cushion covers so might as well vacuum the couch too right? Speaking of - how is it all that crap gets under the cushions? There has got to be some dirty bastards of fairies living here and when I'm not looking they make a mess in the strangest of places.

So anyway, the living room is dusted. The kid even got inspired and cleaned his own room and dusted it (Kisses and big Thank you's to whoever made that Swiffer duster. The kid loves it; he seems to think it's some kind of cool toy that cleans.). I got the kitchen cleaned up. Yes, the kitchen floor is filthy. I know. I will sweep, Swiffer and mop it someday. I promise. I finally got the kid's leftover toys and cards put away from his birthday parties... we won't discuss when they were, ok? Because if you bring it up we won't be able to be friends. Got it? Ok, cool.

Looking back at this week I am left seriously wondering what happened. It was the first week of Spring Break. That means, the kid was home every day. I got to sleep in. Supposedly I should have been able to finally get caught up on cleaning and the like seeing as how I'm actually 100% well for the first time since Thanksgiving. What happened? Oh yeah... I slept. I was playing around on my computer. I was busy catching up on my online responsibilities. I was busy working, making sure others web sites were up to date and looking good.

Now that I'm cooled off I need to hit the shower for the second time today. We're heading out with the in laws shortly for my husband's belated birthday dinner out. No way can I go out in public after sweating up a storm the last couple of hours. Maybe if cleaning wasn't such a work out I wouldn't mind it so much? Actually, if everything hadn't needed to be done at once I wouldn't mind it so much... maybe I'll stay well for awhile so I can keep things clean. Well, don't burst my bubble! Let me hold onto the hope....

Here's to lovely smelling body washes and the promise that tomorrow may bring me and the mall together (with the kid, but I'll take what I can get).

Jessica! Girl, I want my money back!

Dessert Treats Sweet Talk Deliciously Kissable Lip Candy Set Posted by Hello

Ok, fine. I'm an idiot. A marketer's wet dream. I bought a lip gloss set from Jessica Simpson's newest line: Dessert Treats. Yes, this is the cheaper (in more ways than one) line she's come out with that is, fine, geared more towards younger people. Younger I'm not. But whatever.

I found it for only $22.99 as opposed to $25 and it was 20% off. Yeah I bought it. Hello, it's lip gloss..... except it isn't glossy or shiny. These glosses have no color, feel dreadful, smell fake, taste fake and stay on a whole 5 minutes (if I'm lucky). They suck and frankly, Jess, I want my twenty-three bucks back. Unlike you, I can't wipe my behind with money or my family and I will be homeless within a week.

The good news is, I think the store I bought this trash from will take them back even though I've used/tested them. You better believe I'm going to go tomorrow to see if I'm stuck with this nasty gloss set as punishment for my stupidity and moment of weakness or if I'll luck out and get twenty-three bucks to spend on something else.... like toilet paper. Ack. Will I ever learn?

UPDATE: I tried to return this crap to the store on sunday and they took it back without any problems! I can't tell you how happy I was to get my $24.66 (that was with tax and all) back.

Friday, March 18, 2005

The kiddo's punishment....

it's been decided that he will write:

I will not lie to my mom and dad.

100 times. He's 7, in first grade so that's a lot. He has by Sunday night at bedtime to have it done. Although now that he's started in on it and my husband saw how big his handwriting is he quietly said to me he may change it to just 50 times. We'll see.

The kid was mad when he heard what he had to do, but after he got used to the idea he just sort of dug in.

So, it's 2:30 a.m.

Whoopi as an elf?! Posted by Hello

So, it's 2:30 a.m. and my kid is finally in bed. For real this time. Holy shit.

He comes running out here, hysterical saying, "I'm scared!". I try to get him to talk to me, he's shaking, puts his hand over his mouth and being the concerned mother I am -- I say -- "Are you going to puke?! GET AWAY FROM MY COMPUTER!"

Then he spills it. He says he was laying in bed and put something in his nose. What? A black circle thing. Not a ball. He doesn't know where it came from. He says he doesn't know what it was.

We look in his nose, nothing. He's completely hysterical to the point where he has to go poop (I am sooo not kidding). So he goes to the bathroom. We ask more questions, "Do you know what it was from? Is there another one in your room? Do you know what it is?" My husband is convinced he dreamed it all. I am 100% sure he really did it and is being vague on things because he's freaked out and frankly -- my husband is scary at times like these. My husband was trained in the Army in Intelligence to do interrogations. So, um, yeah. Our son is 7 years old. He's a kid.

My husband makes him sniff pepper just in case he really did put something in his nose. He sneezes, nothing. He says he can't feel it, he was dreaming. (Riiiiiiiiiiigh) He's calmed down... mostly, once he hears that he's not gonna die if he did put it in his nose and it goes into his tummy as it will then come out his butt and he won't even know about it 'cuz it's so small. He knows if it is in his nose, we're heading to the hospital.

He goes to bed. We hear two more sneezes. He comes running out. "I did it." Ok, take him into the bathroom. He's freaking out again. I grab my tweezers tell him to stop freaking out, it won't hurt and I get the stupid thing out of his nose.

So, what was it? You know those little rubber circle things they put on the bottom of some electronics to let them slide around/keep them from scratching/getting scratched up? Um, yeah. It was from his alarm clock. He'd picked it off the bottom. Of course at this point, we don't know this as he's still saying he doesn't know what it is.

Then he goes into his room since he's all relieved it's over with. He runs right over to his bookcase and picks up another of these black things and is all, "Ohhh. Here's another one." At that exact moment I know. I know he was lying all this time. I know that he knew exactly where it came from. I knew he knew he had another one and right where it was. Slowly, since I kept calm and was just asking him about it like it was no real big deal, he told me everything.

My husband is pissed. I mean, PISSED! He has this thing about the kid lying to him.

Now it's over with... now that the kid knows he did so many things wrong tonight:

1) He got out of bed
2) He picked apart a piece of electronics (we don't really care, we were tossing that thing anyway, but still)
3) He put something into his nose
4) He LIED about the whole thing saying he was in bed the whole time, didn't know what it was, didn't have another anywhere, etc.

I did make sure the kid knew he did do two things that were quite good:

1) He came out here after stuffing something into his nose and told me
2) He did (finally) come clean and tell the truth which is always a good thing

His punishment is to determined tomorrow by my husband. I'm sure we'll talk about it tonight, but yeah....

If I didn't already need therapy from seeing Whoopi Goldberg on the Sci-Fi channel tonight wearing a light blue facial mask and elvan ears, for she was, I kid you not, playing an elf -- let me tell you, I'd need it from all of this. Prozac anyone? Valium? Chocolate?

*said Whoopi movie is called Magical Legend of the Leprechauns. Make it a priority that you never see it or are around it. *shudders*

Monday, March 14, 2005

MAC Couple Up

M·A·C Couple Up Posted by Hello

You gotta love M·A·C and the images they come up with to advertise their new color stories. Big, juicy, glossy, lucious lips. Yum! I can dream on with my own pathetic, thin lips. My husband just want to make sure I realize that many (most) of their images are sexual. No, really?

Couple Up consisted of the release of the newly reformulated and new shades ( 10 for a total of 28 - woo!) of Pro Longwear Lipcolor, a few new shades of Pro Longwear Gloss Coat and a new product - Blushcreme. I bought Totally Boss (a plummy brown) and it's ok but my lips look nothing like the model's. Should I ask for my money back? Nah, I'll just go on with my boring little life happy that girls who work the MAC counter are nice to me.

Friday, March 04, 2005

It was time...

It's been a long time coming... here's the blog. Almost sad I hadn't put a blog together before now; heaven knows I've got enough to go on and on about. So lemme see if I can figure this thing out and then we'll get on with it.