Saturday, July 30, 2005

Met Kiddo's 2nd Grade Teacher and fresh fruit

they posted the class lists at the school today - we went even though we knew who his teacher would be. He wanted to see who of his friends would be in his class. One of his best buddies will be in there with him so he's happy. We met his teacher - Mrs. Z. seems wonderful! I just can't believe my kid is going into 2nd grade already - I mean, I remember when I was in 2nd grade for heavens sake!

Yesterday I picked up a mixed fruit salad tub at Whole Foods. I'm eating some of it now. It is divine! I will have to go back on Monday and pick up another. Mmmm!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

One day on, one day off

I swear that is how I've been for the last couple of weeks. I can be super woman one day and then the next I have the desire to do jack.

Yesterday it was school clothes shopping day. Kiddo and I drove to my grandmother's, then we went out to lunch (us, Grandmother and my Mom), then shopping for school clothes and shoes. After we were done I was so over shopping I wanted a tall glass of ice cold water and my bed. But no. We went back to my grandmothers and kiddo went swimming in her hot tub for 2 hours. We were pretty much out and about going non stop from 10 until 8 p.m.

Kiddo is actually doing really well with swimming. Somehow he has learned some actual skills in the hot tub. He can do the dead man's float and actually stuck his face in the water (thanks to his new Fairly Odd Parents goggles) and swam around the hot tub. Yay! Go Kiddo!

Then there was today. Today I woke up very late, dragged my butt out of bed. Made lunch for everyone and an hour and half later I was back in bed. I just didn't care. I had some depression or something going on. Why? I have no idea. But I slept and gosh I needed it. I finally snapped out of it around 6:30 p.m. and decided I really should get some things done today. Kiddo and I went out and ran a bunch of errands. Now it's 9:30 p.m. and I'm in the middle of doing 5 loads of laundry (kiddo's new school clothes + ) ; it makes me not feel so bad for doing nothing all day when I'm so productive at night. heh

Sunday, July 24, 2005

My paper shredder just died.

Absolutely fantastic. Freakin' thing burned out. Can't blame it really but still.

I spent 6 hours last night/early this morning going through all our bills and other files. I pretty much filled up one of those huge ice chests (I couldn't find a box big enough) of papers I needed to shred. I swear, it's time like this I wish we had a fire place to just burn the darn stuff in.

So I guess I need to go out now and buy a new one... maybe one that doesn't barely cost $20 this time? Eh.... maybe not.

Lance does it again!

I love him - he is so amazing and inspirational in my mind... Congrats to Lance Armstrong on winning his 7th (and final) Tour de France! Woooooooo!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Allergies, school supplies and it's the weekend again

Our allergies have been so terrible lately. Ugh. I hate that! It makes me sleep like the dead and feel tired all day long. Plus the whole sniffing all day and night and red, itchy eye thing isn't fun. And that's with taking allergy meds. Loverly.

So, kiddo begins 2nd grade in just over a week. They go back August 1. I'm so ready for it and so not ready for it at the same time. Poor kid, none of his clothes fit him now. Everything fit fine when school let out the first of June - but now - all the pants are too tight and are high waters on him. His shirts are even looking silly. We'll be going clothes shopping for everything next week.

Today we took care of the school supplies list the school posted. We actually managed to get everything on there, no thanks to Target not stocking enough of the necessities. I hate to think if I had waited any longer. We got the last pack of Crayola Markers and Crayola 16 count Crayons. We got the 3rd to last pack of yellow #2 pencils. For real - you'd think they'd have more of the basics and less of everything else. But no.

Kiddo picked out a new backpack. Last year it was Ninja Turtles, this year he found a Fantastic Four backpack he liked. I swear, they do not make these things very sturdy. I will not be shocked when the thing rips after a few months. At least we got it at 50% off.

I must really be getting old because that shopping trip has worn me out completely. At least it's the weekend... yay! (I think). The hubster and I are planning to see The Island tomorrow - I cannot wait. It looks awesome and I am in love with Ewan McGregor. He rented Million Dollar Baby and Constantine last night so we'll probably watch those over the weekend as well. Sounds good to me.

I do have a small pile of web work sitting here that I should think about doing at some point.... it only arrived today though so I may leave it until Monday.

What's everyone else doing this weekend?

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Google Moon Love

Awww, showin' some Google love! Seriously - it's cool, check it out!

I felt inspired today

Why I can't say. But I'm in the middle of doing 5 loads of laundry - eggs and potatoes are boiling (for potato salad). I'm considering making chicken strips for dinner (delish, but a lot of freakin' work).... and I still need to dust and vacuum this place as my grandmother is coming over tomorrow.

I am now sitting here wondering what on earth came over me because I do not have the energy to do all this crap.

My lack of energy just might, possibly, have something to do with what I've had to eat today. Teriyaki Beef Jerky, a Krispy Kreme and Diet Dr. Pepper. Nah. I'm sure that has nothing to do with it.

What is it with leaving the empty toilet paper roll hanging and not replacing it?

I am trying to understand this. My husband does it nearly daily. Uses up the last of the toilet paper roll and then leaves it as is. I am almost afraid to ask him what is so important and taking up his time while he's doing his business on the pot that he can't freakin' reach over and change the blasted roll.


God bless plumbers

Seriously - plumbers should be one of the highest paid vocations on the planet. I'm a huge fan of indoor plumbing and having to manually refill the toilet for every flush got old real quick.

So yeah, the toilet is fixed. The guy came early yesterday morning and it was fixed before I even got up. Bless my hubby - he got up and didn't leave for work until it was done. Somehow I was able to sleep through the whole thing. That is nothing short of miraculous seeing as how I am the lightest sleeper on planet earth. I can only say it must have been a combination of benadryl, ear plugs and not going to bed until 5 a.m.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Sun burns, peeling, itching, crabs, the beach

Last Tuesday kiddo and I finally made it to the beach. The first time this summer. It was not entirely my fault. We were waiting for it to get above 65 and it did. It hit 70 that day and was perfect.

Kiddo found a dead (empty) crab shell; he's holding it in his hand in that shot. He thought it was very cool. He played in the water some and got soaked as did I. Darn waves came in quicker and the tide was coming in so it looked like I'd peed myself. That was fun. He played in the sand, made a sand castle, went hunting for cool rocks and stuff. He had a ball.

I sat and ate lunch, drank some Diet Dr. Pepper and read a few chapters in Four To Score. I didn't apply any of the Neutrogena SPF 45 sun screen that I had in my bad to myself. Nope, I was going to get a little color on my pale self. Yup. Go me. Or not. I came home and quickly realized I'd burned my left shoulder. Ouch. As the night wore on it quickly became obvious that I hadn't just got myself a sun burn -- I'd totally fried my skin and it was pretty bad. I'm peeling now. I've had worse. You'd think I'd learn.... whatever. The kid did not get sun burned. I am a good mom at least in that aspect. My burn is peeling now which totally grosses out my husband. The kid thought it was gross until he saw how you can peel the skin off yourself and then he was totally grossed out and thought it was very cool all at the same time. Kids.

Yeah, I took all three of those photos. Don't be a jerk and steal them, ok? I'm not in the mood.

Last weekend V. This weekend

Shall we do a comparison? Oh, please. Lets.

Last weekend:

Saturday ~ a quick dinner at Panda Express with the family, then to see Fantastic Four. We all three had such a good time. The movie was fun, the food was good (for fast food). It was just a nice night out for our family.

Sunday ~ a lovely early dinner on Cannery Row followed by a very nice relaxing stroll along Old Fisherman's Wharf. Perfection in a day.

In pictures (yes, I took the ones of the Wharf):

This weekend:

Saturday ~ hubby didn't feel good at all. We did next nothing all day. Kiddo spent the night at the grandparents. Hubby and I had dinner at Chili's where the service is either really good or really bad. Guess how it was last night? Yeah, it wasn't good. Then we had to go to Target and Albertson's and not for fun stuff. Then he totally pissed me off as I was going to bed. *growl*

Sunday ~ hubby has managed to totally piss me off many times. I really do not know what his deal is but I'm so over it. He wanted subway for dinner, fine. Sounds good to me, too. But then he didn't start to even get ready to pick it up until 9:30 p.m. and the man takes forever messing with his hair and shit. So he gets there and they're already closed (they close at 10 p.m.). Lovely. Then he goes to Carl's Jr., they're closed too. He calls me. We're on the phone to each other, not talking for about 10 mintues. He ends up (30 minutes later) at Jack in the Box. *gag* I say nothing because hell, at least I didn't have to cook, right? Exactly.

So he is still irritating me and then kiddo comes out of the bathroom. "Mom. You know when the toilet was broken and we had to put the water in it." Oh shit. Mmm-hummm. So um, yeah. The damn toilet is broken. What is it with this stupid toilet? Growing up our toilets NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS! This one, it has had issues (serious issues) at least three times now. I'm not a happy camper. Now I'm off to clean the freakin' bathroom and then tomorrow bright and early, I get to call the manager(s) to get someone over here to fix the blasted thing again!

This weekend in pictures - I was kind to all of you and didn't post an image of a gross toilet. (Word of warning, don't go looking for images on google with the word toilet):

Yes, I am PMSing. Is it that obvious? *innocent* I swear though - it isn't me. (stop laughing!) Every month my husband just turns into a complete and utter ass munch for about a week. I'm going to run away from home soon. Although I do feel slightly better after spending the time making up those images. (loser)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

What's Your Ideal Career?

Your Career Type: Investigative

You are precise, scientific, and intellectual.
Your talents lie in understanding and solving math and science problems.

You would make an excellent:

Architect - Biologist - Chemist
Dentist - Electrical Technician - Mathematician
Medical Technician - Meteorologist - Pharmacist
Physician - Surveyor - Veterinarian

The worst career options for your are enterprising careers, like lawyer or real estate agent.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

How many more days of summer break are there?

Ugh. Ok, this is a new one for me. I am ready to ship the kid off. School needs to start back up. NOW. For my own sanity's sake. I'm losing it. Ok, I've lost most of it already and am hanging onto threads.

What is it with 7-year-olds? All of a sudden he has to ask me everything about everything. It makes me crazy. And he repeats everything I say as a question.

Me: "Very few people actually get to go into space."

Him: "Very few people actually get to go into space?"

Then he spouts off another question... then repeats the answer. It is never ending. I am going crazy here.

School starts back up Aug. 1. I am actually looking forward to getting up early and having to drive to and from school twice a day. Bring it on baby! *silent scream*

Do real men wear pink?

The other night kiddo said, completely out of the blue, "It takes a real man to wear pink." If you knew my husband... I look at hubby and asked if he'd fully heard what kiddo said. I repeated it and stated he needed to spend more time with his child. LOL

To kiddo I asked, "Uh, who told you that?" He said, "Gramma" (hubby's mom)... then he said, "No, it was JA" (hubby's sister). Ack! LOL

For the record, my husband would never wear pink; I personally don't care though I don't think many straight men can pull it off. And for the record, my father in law would also not be caught dead wearing pink. :)

Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 4th of July!

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Have a good one everybody!

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