Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I'm taking a blog break.

dunno for how long but I think it's for the best.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Why is getting ready for a vacation so exhausting?

We're going on vacation. We're leaving Wednesday and driving down to L.A. While down there we'll be hitting three major theme parks: Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm and Universal Studios. We'll be driving home on Sunday the 9th. And we're going with my in laws.

So today I've started to really get ready to pack. That entailed going to Target and the grocery store. It also entailed doing 7 loads of laundry in addition to making dinner (pancakes and sausage) and cleaning up after that.

Next I need to tackle the bathroom which is not clean. Tomorrow I plan to dust, vacuum and start putting things into our duffel bags to take with us. By the time we leave on Wednesday I'm going to need a vacation!

"I'm a leaf in the wind"

LOL That was a phrase in the movie Serenity that we watched this weekend in the theater. Only funny if you saw it? (the dude kept saying that as he slid the air craft to a halt destroying the craft and everything else. LOL anyway, that is me to a "T").

Last night I totally dumped my Diet Coke into my plate tonight at Olive Garden. Oh yeah, go me. Woot. Woot. They were really great about it. I said I was fine and not to worry about bringing me more food (honestly, I was fine) but they did anyway. So now I've got Chicken Parmigiana and spaghetti up the ying-yang in the fridge. The kid will snarf it down today. No doubt. So yeah, I'm totally a leaf in the wind. *snort* I kept saying that tonight to my husband and he said, "More like an acorn hitting every branch of the tree on the way down."

Tonight my sister-in-law had Brandon snap some photos of her opening her gifts with her digital camera. She's trying to tell him what to do and said, "Look at the window" and he turned around and looked at the windows of the house. LOL Hilarious! Hubby said, "He's too smart for that.... You have to get technical and tell him to look at the screen." LOL The kid actually already knew how to take the photos, but that didn't stop hubby's mom from looking 100% horrified at her daughter handing over her digital to a 7 year old. LOL

Extremely late last night I had another leaf moment... I sewed some buttons back on some capri's and tried to fix a belt loop on hubby's pants. I ended up stabbing myself in the thumb with the dull side of the needle. Nice.