Monday, February 08, 2010

Headphone replacement

Finally picked up a new set of headphones with mic to replace the ones the cat did in the other day. Found these at Target for $16.99 and I luff them! <3 They seem to be louder than the ones from Apple which came with my iPhone so it's easier to hear with them (yay) and they are much more comfy. Plus they're $14 less than Apple's. It's kind of a win/win ~ even so I am not thanking my cat just yet for eating my last headset.


GG said...

And it is also a "cool" brand that the "kids" like.

Melissa said...

Yeah well you know me, I'm just "trendy" like that. Not! :) They work really well and were cheap compared to what else was there. I could tell that these were the "in" thing through as they were locked up and some pricier ones were not.