Thursday, February 08, 2007

I just don't get it

What is wrong with people... in general, I guess?

I go back to a site I used to be very active on and am accused of fraud (pretty much) within seconds. Not to my face, mind you, but hello? Like I'd go back to a site I have 100% positive feedback on only to ruin it? (no, not talking about eBay) Why do people think they're such an expert on things? Are they that self absorbed? Please. Just because something looks a little off to you in a photo doesn't mean it's a fake. It can mean the lighting in my place isn't great. It can mean my camera is only 4.2 MP and is 2 years old... it can mean the angle at which I took the photo isn't one you're accustomed too... it can mean many things... but mostly it means you're got real issues that you felt the need to make a big post about it like you're so smart. You were wrong and it's not even worth my telling you that. Grow up, get over it. You obviously don't know your product as well as you think you do.


Yeah, not in a good frame of mind tonight.

I was quickly reminded why I left site mentioned above in the first place. It's a sign. I was right to move the heck on.

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