Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grammys commentary

My random thoughts as I watched the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards tonight. For those fortunate enough (ha and a ha) they saw me Tweet my snark live via Twitter. I had been in an especially bad mood all day for no apparent reason and I admit that I did kind of take it out on the Grammys and those who were there.

  • Beyonce is fierce but I'm not really getting why she needed all those G.I. Joe's up there with her.

  • Also, Beyonce needs a better wig ~ one that doesn't get all staticy and stick to her face. Not like she can't afford it.

  • Dear Nicole Kidman, For gawd's sake PLEASE leave your face alone. You're freaking scaring me. Those lips! *shudder*

  • Was it just me or did it look like P!NK was peeing on the audience?

  • Ok, why does Snora Jones get to present with a Beatle?! Lucky bish!

  • WTF Jamie Foxx?

  • Who is the chick ruining Bon Jovi's performance and whose idea was she?

  • I have tried to like Dave Matthews Band and I just can't.

  • Yes, because when I think music / Grammys I think Adam Sandler. NOT!

  • Honestly, I would just as soon choose to listen to a toddler whine as listen to Dave Matthews Band. Is it just me?

  • OMG. You mean Ricky Martin is alive? I had no idea.... *sarcasm*

  • Holy boobies Beyonce! Looks like her people fixed her weave, too. Good! Girl has it, that's for sure.

  • OMG! Oh look! It's Elivs! What? Oh, never mind.... it's Quentin Tarantino.... and he's trying to not be white....

  • No offense to John Legend, but why isn't Rob Thomas presenting with Carlos Santana?

  • Album of the year goes to Taylor Swift. Really? Yeah, Taylor, we were all just as shocked as you were. WTH Grammys?!

  • Yeah, I had no snark for the Michael Jackson tribute. I enjoyed that except for the whole 3-D thing that made my headache worse (I wasn't wearing 3-D glasses). MJ's kids are adorable and sweet and I'll never have an unkind word for them. <3

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