Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Pet Peeves... the first of many such posts

I hate that they're called "pet" peeves for one. I like my pet. If I didn't, I would find her a new home. These peeves, I don't like.

People who stop and sit there and don't attempt to make a right hand turn until the light turns green. Of course once the light turns green there are pedestrians which have the right away that we actually do have to wait for. But what's the deal? Why do so many people seem to believe they cannot turn right until the light is green? Right on a red is ok so long as it is safe. :P

photo stolen from http://shannonmcm.com/?p=3290


Faith Perez said...

Ugh! You are speaking truth...or how about ppl who think you cant turn unless it is a green arrow? When the entire intersection has not one arrow light to begin with, SMH

Anonymous said...

Melissa, you would go NUTS in Colorado. I guess 15 years in California turned me into an aggressive driver. Idiots here don't know how to merge. They wouldn't survive one minute on a California freeway. -PC