Thursday, August 25, 2005

Forming his own opinions, growing up.... am I ready for this?

I look at Kiddo some days and can hardly recognize him. He used to be so small, so adorable. Now he's so huge. He's still very cute (I admit I know I'm biased) but I wonder how it all happened so fast? He's not a baby anymore. He's not a toddler anymore. Shoot, he's hardly even a "little kid" anymore. He's growing up, learning things from other people, other kids - things where I look at him and wonder where he came up with that. Where he heard it before and how on earth he knows what such a big word means to even use it correctly in a sentence. He more than just thinks for himself now. He also has a knack for blurting things out at times when perhaps he should keep him mouth shut. And there's how he has his own take and opinion on everything. His opinion that while it must somehow be influenced by his mother and father -- is still his very own.

It's almost scary, ok no, it is scary that Kiddo now forms his own opinions about things. About people. People like his mom. Yesterday he said, "You're funny." I said, "I am?" and he went on to explain, "Yes, you make me laugh sometimes - you're funny." Ok, I am funny. I crack my husband up a lot and more recently my son too. The scary part is he came up with this on his own... so like, uh.... what's he think when I yell? or when I'm like just go away and leave me be for 15 min.? Oh dear.

My son is no longer a little kid. Yeah, he's only 7 years old and he's only on his 4th week of 2nd grade -- but he's quickly become a rather interesting and intriguing person. How'd that happen?

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