Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Today on I'm a terrible mother - Mom doesn't go to "Back To School Night"

I'm currently reading I Don't Know How She Does It and honestly, although I've yet to work outside of our home since the birth of my son over 7 years ago (for some reason working from home and getting paid for it doesn't count to most people) I can relate to this book so much it's almost painful. That whole need to be perfect, the automatic mode of always trying to remember everything and get everything done. The complete and utter head spinning it can feel like inside.

Anyway, my latest terrible mom moment was this evening. I didn't go to the "Back To School Night" at Kiddo's school. I've gone every year, but not this one. Last year I went alone (hubby stayed home with Kiddo since children aren't allowed - he was happy to get out of going of course) and learned exactly nothing new about the school and what was going to happen, etc. Last year at the "Back To School Night" was also when I got sucked into being the Room Parent and volunteering for a crazy amount of things. Maybe that is, in part why I just wanted to avoid going this year? I don't know. But I admit, I do feel like this is a failure on my part. It doesn't matter I was completely exhausted. It doesn't matter I'd already spent 1.5 hours helping Kiddo with homework. I didn't make it to "Back To School Night" for his 2nd grade class. Period. Blah.

Why? Why do I/we (Mother's) do this to ourselves. My husbands response was more along the line of Oh Please, like it really matters. Get over it. What did I expect. He is a man. He never reads the Kiddo's papers, he visits the school once a year for the Open House and that's it. He doesn't get it. I wish I didn't get it.

Whatever. It's 7:30 p.m. and I need to log off and go make a lovely homecooked meal for my family.


michelle said...

Being a SAHM and NOT getting paid doesn't seem to count either!

I know how you feel. I get overwhelming feelings almost daily that I am not being the mom and wife I should be. I volunteered for room mom for Alex's class this year. There are supposed to be 3 of us and luckily I have the excuse of being preggo to keep me from getting too involved.

I'm not sure what it is with men. In a way I kinda get it that they do their "job" outside the home and depend on moms to do all the other stuff. But there are so many women that do have careers other than "homemaker" and have extra duties. Since I don't have those extra duties I don't expect my hubby to do what is considered my "job". Yes, he is involved with the raising our children and he does help with homeowrk and such every once in a while which I appreciate but don't see it as his "job". I dn't know if that made any sense or not!

I don't think you should feel bad for not going to back to school night. Especially if you know the school and how things work. If you can stop by the classroom and have communication with his teacher that 's all that matters. You don't have to be involved in EVERYTHING!

michelle said...

BTW I like the new pic! :)