Tuesday, January 08, 2013

USB Drives

Tell me we aren't the only family who never has a USB drive. It doesn't matter how many I've purchased, it seems every year when my kid needs one for any subject I have to buy another. How is this possible? Where do they go?

 In my search tonight I found the plug in alarm I had for my car... my car that I haven't had for 8 years. How is it possible I can find that, on which there is one, of which I have zero need for and not a freakin' USB drive?!

 Several drawer and desk digs later I finally did find one. Just one. One of however many I've purchased since my kid has needed them for school. He needs one for tomorrow you see, for pre-engineering. I think this particular USB thumb drive was from his 7th grade engineering class, so hey... but what about all the others? I started having to buy these things when he was in 5th grade. We're up to 9th now.

 Kid did give me some warning. He sent me a text today while I was at Target. So I looked for one. Guess what? Target had several brands, GB and colors of USB drives. However, every.single.one had either red or blue. No red or blue at kid's school. Those be gang colors, yo. No bueno. So yeah... thankfully the USB that allowed itself to be found tonight is all black. *whew*

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