Monday, May 09, 2005 They're HORRIBLE!

Ack! I once had thoughts of being a teacher. After today - I will never think of that again. Holy hell. Those kids are HORRIBLE! Ack!

Was in kiddo's class today doing a project with the kids for the teacher's end-of-the-year-gift. I had sent home packets with the kids and they were to do it at home. Well, half of them didn't. And I need it done NOW (the deadline was last Friday) so I can do my end, blah, blah. So I had to go in today and do it w/the ones who didn't do it at home.

The kids are so beyond terrible. I need some meds or something. Can you say frazzled?! Holy crap. If kiddo behaved like that I'd change my thinking on smacking/spanking him. Good lord. I feel for their parents... although they're like that, I'm sure, because their parents let them get away with it.

God bless teachers.



michelle said...

The one's that were scting up were probably the same ones that didn't do their part of the project at home. The reason.....BAD PARENTS!!!! They probably didn't even know they had something that was supposed to be done at home. Arrrgh, drives me crazy!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back to blogging! Missed your posts!

Those little monsters huh!! LOL
Eventually I am going to be a highschool english teacher. Yes I know at that point they have attitudes, but you don't have to be as carfeul as you do with the littler ones!!