Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The suck-fest that was yesterday

So I go to bed at a somewhat decent hour (well, decent for me anyway) Monday night. I lay there wide awake for 2 hours. No joke. I'm sick with a head cold, I had, at that point benadryl and codeine in me which normally knocks me right out. But no. Wide awake.

After laying there awake for 2 hours it starts. Horrible, painful, piercing abdominal cramps. I mean it was baaaaaaaaaaaad. I end up in the bathroom several times. Finally it seems to stop and I am back in bed laying there awake. I toss and turn. I don't sleep. By the time the alarms start to go off I realize I had actually slept for maybe 20 min. here and there. I also realize I have a splitting headache that is verging on being a migraine. I realize there is no way I can safely drive my child to school. I realize I am pissed that they charge families for their children to ride the bus to school.... ok, so I've known that all year but I'm seeing now how badly it really sucks. Your kid cannot just ride the bus one morning to school. They need a bus pass which we don't have, blah, blah.

So I call the kid in sick for school. He comes in at 7:30 a.m. "Mom. We gotta hurry. It's already 7:30!" Damn him and his SpongeBob Alarm Clock. Damn him and knowing how to tell time now. I give him the news. I can't drive him to school. He's very upset, storms out of the room like his life is about to end. He cried, he's mad. He comes back in, "Mom. Can Dad drive me to school?" Dad is still in bed next to me, the bum. According to Dad, he can't do it or he'll be late to work. Never mind he's late to work every day anyway.

I make sure the kid has food and I go back to bed. I toss and turn and sleep on and off until noon. I feel like hell embodied. I feel like I hadn't slept in weeks. Then it starts up again. The cramping, the bathroom trips. All day long this happens.

I actually did mostly succeed in doing nothing all day... but lemme tell ya. I'd rather have been up and feeling well that's for darn sure!

The one thing I actually did accomplish was I cleaned out the freezer and fridge and then washed it out, too. That was no easy task. My husband was complaining that it smelled like rotting veggies (it did) so there was no putting it off. I never did find where the smell was coming from. I tossed out the veggies, but they were all sealed in baggies and did not smell nasty. *sigh* An hour after the cleaning, it still smelled when you opened up the freezer. A few hours later the stink was gone. Irritating that I have no clue what caused it. No spills anywhere in there.... I mean, yeah, it was dirty and dusty and icky. But no stinky spots or spills.

Whatever. Now it's all nice and clean.

This morning kiddo comes in to get milk for his cereal. He opens the fridge door and I hear him quietly gasp, "Whoa." Then he says, "Uh, mom. Did you throw everything away?" He's a sharp little bugger that one.


Juls said...

I'm sorry to laugh, but I had to when you cursed the spongbob clock!!! Hope you feel better!

Manic Mom said...

Gloss--do you have a pan thing underneath your fridge that collects drips and stuff? We had a fridge like that once, and the smell was coming from under the fridge.

I get those fridge Arm N Hammer packs of baking soda to keep inside--it does suck up some of the stink.

And how did you keep kid occupied all day while you were sick! I would have been much worse having my children home with me while I was ill! Hope you're better!

Gloss This said...

Juls - thanks!

Stephanie - we don't have a drip pan. I did check under and it's clean (I pulled out the fridge a few months back and cleaned all the dust and grime that was behind/under it). Strange, strange stuff. I'll have to pick up some baking soda!

As for the kid, he was really loud (part of why I didn't sleep once he was up) but watched movies, colored shrinky-dinks and did who knows what else. I agree, it is much easier to rest with the kid gone... sadly I couldn't get him to school or believe me, I would have preferred that. LOL