Monday, May 02, 2005

After doing laundry all afternoon, is it any wonder I forgot?

So, I did laundry all afternoon. I was very nearly impressed with myself. Then I made dinner even though I'm totally sick and wanted to drop into bed. Image hosted by So, I'm telling the kid he needs to go get ready for bed and it hits me. He's out of his daily asthma med! Crap! I totally forgot to pick up his refill this afternoon. Image hosted by

I check online and am very thankful that Longs Drugs pharmacy is open until 10 p.m. Wooo! Super Mom (that'd be me - ha) got the kid into bed and then rushed to the store get the meds and other needed items (milk, cereal, cookies... just the necessities LOL).

I'm so worn out its not even funny. Tomorrow I hope to accomplish next to nothing but I already have a feeling that I will fail.

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