Sunday, May 01, 2005

Japanese Macaque

Japanese Macaque Posted by Hello

I don't know about you but when I was in first grade we did not have to do research, take notes on 4x6 cards and do an "art" type project to go along with it ending in an oral report to the class.

Seriously, I am amazed at what kids these days have to do. My kiddo was told to do his report on the monkey. Dude. did you know there are freakin' 20 or more types of monkey's? Yeah... so he's just doing it on the Japanese Macaque. In spite of my cynical self, I have to say it's been interesting.

As I type this Kiddo is working on his project for this thing. He's making a collage of sorts. So long as it doesn't look like pure crap when he's done I might snap a photo and post it later. Now we're off to work on his 4x6 note cards. *eye roll*

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Anonymous said...

Aren't those the monkeys that throw their poop at people??