Thursday, March 24, 2005

Want to see what the kid stuck up his nose?

The black-circle-not-a-ball-thing and a dime Posted by Hello

Ahh, yes. I finally took a photo of the black rubber circle-thing-that-was-not-a-ball that the kid stuck up his nose last week. What? You didn't think I'd do something so silly? Puh-lease. The kid will, god willing, be a teenager some day. This is blackmail material people. I have to start to collect things now. What am I saying? I have naked baby photos hidden away. I started years ago.... *bwahahahaha*

For those who think I am one sick puppy - no, this is NOT the exact one that the kid had up his nose. This is the other one. The one he ran right in to get to show me that he knew where another one was. I'm not quite to the mental state of photographing things that come out of my child's nose.

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