Monday, March 21, 2005

Burberry.... cute, but not $600 cute!

Burberry Roll Bag $575 @ Saks Posted by Hello

I don't know why I am drawn to this bag. I think it is fabulous.... but not $575.00 fabulous. Good lord! The most I've ever spent on a hand bag or purse was $29. What makes this bag so pricey, besides the Burberry thing?! It's canvas for heavens sake. I know full well cotton doesn't cost that much - I've purchased a 6 pack of 100% cotton underwear at Target for $4.99. There's not that much leather on this puppy, either. What gives?


Tammy said...

That is awfully cute - but there are so many burberry knockoffs out there - I bet you'll see it somewhere.

Gloss This said...

I have been checking eBay and while there are plenty of Burberry knock offs that are the tan and even black shades I have yet to see the pale blue. *sigh* It's ok. I can live without it. But sure like looking at the photo. ;)