Saturday, March 19, 2005

So much for a nice relaxing day....

Last night I decided today I was going to go out alone. Alone = sans child. I was going to try and return those putrid Dessert lip glosses and then I was going to hit the mall. I was going to go to Macy's and browse until all the stress had left my body... however long that took. Then I was going to finally decide what to spend the rest of my Macy's gift cards on. I've had these gift cards since December - got them for Christmas and my birthday. It is amazing that with my shopping habits I have any gift cards from December - but that is what being crazy sick off and on for three months will do to a person.

Notice the whole "I was going to..." bit? You did? Wow! You get a gold star!

Yeah... the kid changed my plans in one cute, sweet little sentence. He asked me,

"Mom, are you really tired today? 'Cuz I'm wearing my last pair of underwear."

Darn him! Fine. Fine. All the laundry, dusting, vacuuming, etc. that I'd somehow managed to put off doing all week long caught up to me. It was time. I hate housework. I really do. It's evil. Laundry is just as bad if not worse. I mean, it's possible to actually have the house 100% clean at any give time. Improbable, but possible. While with laundry... there's just no way. Even if the hampers are empty - that only lasts for what? An hour? At that time the kid or the husband puts everything they own into the hamper. How do they do that? Why hold out? Why hold onto dirty clothes?

So, yeah. I've got 5 loads of laundry going downstairs. I vacuumed the entire place - including the couch. I was washing the couch cushion covers so might as well vacuum the couch too right? Speaking of - how is it all that crap gets under the cushions? There has got to be some dirty bastards of fairies living here and when I'm not looking they make a mess in the strangest of places.

So anyway, the living room is dusted. The kid even got inspired and cleaned his own room and dusted it (Kisses and big Thank you's to whoever made that Swiffer duster. The kid loves it; he seems to think it's some kind of cool toy that cleans.). I got the kitchen cleaned up. Yes, the kitchen floor is filthy. I know. I will sweep, Swiffer and mop it someday. I promise. I finally got the kid's leftover toys and cards put away from his birthday parties... we won't discuss when they were, ok? Because if you bring it up we won't be able to be friends. Got it? Ok, cool.

Looking back at this week I am left seriously wondering what happened. It was the first week of Spring Break. That means, the kid was home every day. I got to sleep in. Supposedly I should have been able to finally get caught up on cleaning and the like seeing as how I'm actually 100% well for the first time since Thanksgiving. What happened? Oh yeah... I slept. I was playing around on my computer. I was busy catching up on my online responsibilities. I was busy working, making sure others web sites were up to date and looking good.

Now that I'm cooled off I need to hit the shower for the second time today. We're heading out with the in laws shortly for my husband's belated birthday dinner out. No way can I go out in public after sweating up a storm the last couple of hours. Maybe if cleaning wasn't such a work out I wouldn't mind it so much? Actually, if everything hadn't needed to be done at once I wouldn't mind it so much... maybe I'll stay well for awhile so I can keep things clean. Well, don't burst my bubble! Let me hold onto the hope....

Here's to lovely smelling body washes and the promise that tomorrow may bring me and the mall together (with the kid, but I'll take what I can get).

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Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about house cleaning. I fight the procrastination monster all the time, and then end up having to do it all at once. Like today...I scrubbed the kitchen, and the living room, I have yet to tackle my bedroom, but hey I am proud of the kitchen.
The part I hate about laundry is the folding and putting away. I don't mind the washer to the dryer stuff, but the folding and putting away is too time consuming in my opinion!