Saturday, March 19, 2005

Jessica! Girl, I want my money back!

Dessert Treats Sweet Talk Deliciously Kissable Lip Candy Set Posted by Hello

Ok, fine. I'm an idiot. A marketer's wet dream. I bought a lip gloss set from Jessica Simpson's newest line: Dessert Treats. Yes, this is the cheaper (in more ways than one) line she's come out with that is, fine, geared more towards younger people. Younger I'm not. But whatever.

I found it for only $22.99 as opposed to $25 and it was 20% off. Yeah I bought it. Hello, it's lip gloss..... except it isn't glossy or shiny. These glosses have no color, feel dreadful, smell fake, taste fake and stay on a whole 5 minutes (if I'm lucky). They suck and frankly, Jess, I want my twenty-three bucks back. Unlike you, I can't wipe my behind with money or my family and I will be homeless within a week.

The good news is, I think the store I bought this trash from will take them back even though I've used/tested them. You better believe I'm going to go tomorrow to see if I'm stuck with this nasty gloss set as punishment for my stupidity and moment of weakness or if I'll luck out and get twenty-three bucks to spend on something else.... like toilet paper. Ack. Will I ever learn?

UPDATE: I tried to return this crap to the store on sunday and they took it back without any problems! I can't tell you how happy I was to get my $24.66 (that was with tax and all) back.

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Anonymous said...

I really hate when I pick up lip gloss or even the occasionl stick, nd it sucks when I get it home. The ones that really piss me off, are the ones that make my lips feel gucky and make my lip skin slough off...HATE that!
I hope you get your money back!