Friday, March 18, 2005

The kiddo's punishment....

it's been decided that he will write:

I will not lie to my mom and dad.

100 times. He's 7, in first grade so that's a lot. He has by Sunday night at bedtime to have it done. Although now that he's started in on it and my husband saw how big his handwriting is he quietly said to me he may change it to just 50 times. We'll see.

The kid was mad when he heard what he had to do, but after he got used to the idea he just sort of dug in.


Manic Mom said...

Good punishment! You could have made it worse by having him write: I will not lie to my parents about sticking odd rubbery things up my nose in the middle of the night!

Gloss This said...

For real! LOL

We did feel that him being scared out of his mind was probably enough punishment for putting that stupid black thing up his nose. Speaking of... I should have a photo of it here shortly.