Thursday, June 16, 2005

Awwww and funny from the Kiddo

So I'm doing the dishes very late Tuesday night. Kiddo is getting ready for bed, once he's done he comes and finds me and starts rubbing my back (yeah, I've raised him well). He says, "Wow. Mom's have so much work. You know, I should start helping you with that." *points at the dishes* "I should do that with you."

Yeah, I melted. He's so sweet and adorable some days.

I took advantage and went on to tell him that yes Mom's do have a lot of work they have to do and it's always nice if the Dad's pitch in and help. I told him when he's big, if he gets married he should be sure to help out too. He sighed all serious like and responded with, "I don't know Mom. I'm only 7. I'm a 2nd Grader. That's a long ways away. I might forget by then."



michelle said...

That was cute! My son asks to help out sometimes but only cause he wants money!

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet...groom him early mama! LOL