Friday, June 10, 2005


I'm sure every adult who has ever had dealing with the DMV has strong feelings about it. Heaven knows I do. I hate the DMV with a passion. There's nothing like having to stand in a line for 40 min. just to be told which other line to go stand in. And yes, that's what my DMV is like here. No longer can you just go to the part of the DMV that you need. You first must check in, get a number and go stand in yet another line. For the love of sanity! Make it stop!

So, here I am giving the DMV kudos. You see, we can renew our yearly registration online now. I did it with my car last year - and today kiddo and I took hubby's car to get Smogged, it passed, we came home (ok, so we did a ton of other things and then came home) and in less than 5 minutes I had the car registered. Thank you DMV! I love the DMV. Ok, so not -- but at least they have finally done one thing right.

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