Sunday, June 19, 2005

Costco samples are awesome, but beware of Whole Foods

Ok, you know how when you go to Costco they always have tons of people standing around making and giving out samples of various food products? And you know how they are 99.9% delicious tasting with that last 0.1% being just ok? Yeah. Ok... so....

The kiddo loves going to Costco. He would make it a meal, I'm not kidding. Going from person to person getting his food samples and snarfing them down. You can't blame him, it's good stuff they hand out.

So, we went to Whole Foods on Friday. Um, yeah. Can you see where this is going? *snort* We're walking around. I'm looking for a health supplement and some bread that my husband loves. I find what I need, we head to the check out. There's a lady there giving out samples of some.... I still don't know what it was and some goat's milk ice cream. Kiddo takes the samples after I give my ok. Being smart I refuse the samples for myself. Are you kidding me? This is Whole Foods! Yeah, so kiddo takes a huge bite of the green whatever it was and the lady asks him, "Is that good?" and he nods his head. We walk away and I look at him and ask, "So, is it really good?" and he says, "No. It's really nasty." The look on his face says it all. He asks if he can throw the remaining part away and I say of course. He then digs into the goat's milk ice cream. He liked it. A lot.

We're in the car driving away and I tell him that ice cream was made from goat's milk, not cow's milk. His reponse? "Eeeeeeeeewwwwwww!"

When relying this story to my husband I compeltely lost it. I'm probably a horrible mom for fining it so funny, but Needless to say, the kiddo now knows that Whole Foods is not like Costco and to steer clear of any and all samples at Whole Foods. *snort*

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