Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Blah, blah, blah

I showed off the book that we (er, I, as room mother) made for the teacher today for her end of the year class gift. Showed it to some of the class parents, a friend of mine, kiddo's Kindergarten teacher and my mother-in-law (she works in the office). Everyone was highly impressed with it and loved it. B's Kinder teacher - I had asked her what she thought of the idea and she said it sounded good, but apparently she didn't fully understand that it would be a hard cover, professionally bound book. MIL was also in awe and said, "All the teachers are going to want one". Yes, I'm all proud and happy. I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. For those who haven't heard of it before now, I had all the children draw a picture for the teacher, write some sentances for the teacher and asked the parents to send in photographs. Then I scanned, edited, etc. everything and made up the pages for a hardback, professionally bound book. You can do it through Shared Ink. They are amazing! I was so shocked at how impressive it looked. Wow!

My mother-in-law told me who kiddo is getting for his 2nd grade teacher. Apparently she had wanted him to get Mrs. Z and his first grade teacher also wanted him to have Mrs. Z - so that's who he's getting. Its very cool to know before school lets out who he's going to have. They don't let you know until the weekend before school starts. Having an insider is nice at times.

Talked to kiddo's teacher ~ she said over the summer break to just work on his writing down what he wants to say more. This is a problem w/him -- when he was younger it was actually saying what he was thinking. In fact that was an issue just last year in Kindergarten. I'm pretty sure it's related to his CP that somehow the wires just get crossed. It makes him so mad, too. Poor kid. So we'll do that - no problem.

She was so sweet, gave me a little gift (darling little vase with gold trim) and a very kind card. Just one and half more days left! We made plans to go to my Gran's house Friday after school gets out. Kiddo will 'swim' in the hot tub and I'll just sit around, drink Diet Pepsi and relax. I can't wait!

I got all the teachers gifts wrapped (a candle for the reading teacher, a candle for kiddo's kinder teacher (we adore her, so got her a little something) and of course something for kiddo's teacher and then the class gift). Kiddo is almost done making the cards for everyone and I want to hand write a few notes out as well. So almost finished with all of that....

I was a total idiot today and didn't eat lunch before I left to pick kiddo up from school at 2:15. Then, we ended up staying at the school talking to people and stuff until 3 and then we went to the store. So it was after 4 before I ate again after having had a bowl of cereal for breakfast at 7 a.m. Why do I do that to myself?! Argh.

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