Thursday, June 09, 2005

It's Summertime!

So even though I really just wanted to stay home today - I got out and took kiddo to the library. He signed up for the summer reading program (you sign a paper saying you're going to read _____ each week, bring in the paper each week with your progress, get a little prize). He did it last summer and really enjoyed it. They also had a Magician come in and put on a show. Kiddo went and loved it. He got to be an assistant for something too. I didn't get to see it though, I stayed out as last year they were always turning kids away so I didn't go so someone else could. I sat out in the library and read some of One for the Money. Love it! :D

Home now, going to nap just because I can. Ha! :) I got up this a.m., forced myself to eat something and got right on the elliptical to get my workout in before I showered. Love it! My husband ended up not going to work today. He didn't get up with his (or my) alarms. *no comment* I woke up at 9 a.m. going, "Xxxx! It's 9 o'clock". He called into work and is doing some stuff at home for them.

On our list of things to do this summer is:

Train park - actually it's Dennis the Menace Park which features a locomotive in the front that the kids can climb on. We'll probably go a couple of times. We also have a park right across the street that we'll go to a couple of times.

Beach - I hope we go several times to several of the different beaches here but the weather must cooperate. I refuse to go on a 63 degree day and have the chilling ocean wind freeze me to the bone. Picky, I know. :)

Chuck E. Cheese - he wants to go and we probably will next week. It's not local though which is the biggest con for me but it's just for an afternoon... they ought to make this place nicer for the adults that have to go. I'm not sure how, but something. I'll just bring my book and attempt to read.

The Wharf - we definitely need to play tourist at the wharf at least one day this Summer. That's always fun!

There's also a chance we will go to Disney next month, but not 100% on that just yet. We are really hoping it pans out.... it would be for my niece's b-day. Lucky little girl is having her birthday party at Disneyland!

What's everyone else doing for summer? Any plans? Vacations? Day trips?

Kiddo's last day of school was June 3 and he goes back August 1 (year round school). Last week he got to play in the hot tub at my grandparents house. He loved every moment of that. So far he's having a good summer. I have told myself we will get out and do all the things we want to do. It's got to be a priority otherwise it will be the last week of July and I'll be sitting here wondering what happened. LOL

Kiddo 'swimming' in my grandparents hot tub


michelle said...

I plan on spending a lot of time in our pool. Also at the beach. We are going to the zoo sometime next week. We are taking a vacation at the end of July to NC and then Alex goes back to school August 3rd. I am putting Alyssa in preschool for 2 half days then too. Looking forward to a little "me" time although, I'll probably end up volunteering for stuff at Alex's school!

Gloss This said...

Ooooh! You have a pool! That would be awesome. Kiddo would love to go to the zoo; unfortunately there aren't any near us. It would be a 2-3 hour drive or so... something to look into though. Sounds good!