Saturday, July 30, 2005

Met Kiddo's 2nd Grade Teacher and fresh fruit

they posted the class lists at the school today - we went even though we knew who his teacher would be. He wanted to see who of his friends would be in his class. One of his best buddies will be in there with him so he's happy. We met his teacher - Mrs. Z. seems wonderful! I just can't believe my kid is going into 2nd grade already - I mean, I remember when I was in 2nd grade for heavens sake!

Yesterday I picked up a mixed fruit salad tub at Whole Foods. I'm eating some of it now. It is divine! I will have to go back on Monday and pick up another. Mmmm!

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Day Dreamer said...

Wow, just the thought of my daughter being that old makes me feel weird. Like you, I remember my 2nd grade class, some of my classmates, and my teacher. I remember sort of what the room looked like. And to think she's 2 1/2....only 5 years away from that. EEEKKK!!! Okay, drama is gone.

Whew!! Good luck and God Bless! :D