Monday, July 18, 2005

Last weekend V. This weekend

Shall we do a comparison? Oh, please. Lets.

Last weekend:

Saturday ~ a quick dinner at Panda Express with the family, then to see Fantastic Four. We all three had such a good time. The movie was fun, the food was good (for fast food). It was just a nice night out for our family.

Sunday ~ a lovely early dinner on Cannery Row followed by a very nice relaxing stroll along Old Fisherman's Wharf. Perfection in a day.

In pictures (yes, I took the ones of the Wharf):

This weekend:

Saturday ~ hubby didn't feel good at all. We did next nothing all day. Kiddo spent the night at the grandparents. Hubby and I had dinner at Chili's where the service is either really good or really bad. Guess how it was last night? Yeah, it wasn't good. Then we had to go to Target and Albertson's and not for fun stuff. Then he totally pissed me off as I was going to bed. *growl*

Sunday ~ hubby has managed to totally piss me off many times. I really do not know what his deal is but I'm so over it. He wanted subway for dinner, fine. Sounds good to me, too. But then he didn't start to even get ready to pick it up until 9:30 p.m. and the man takes forever messing with his hair and shit. So he gets there and they're already closed (they close at 10 p.m.). Lovely. Then he goes to Carl's Jr., they're closed too. He calls me. We're on the phone to each other, not talking for about 10 mintues. He ends up (30 minutes later) at Jack in the Box. *gag* I say nothing because hell, at least I didn't have to cook, right? Exactly.

So he is still irritating me and then kiddo comes out of the bathroom. "Mom. You know when the toilet was broken and we had to put the water in it." Oh shit. Mmm-hummm. So um, yeah. The damn toilet is broken. What is it with this stupid toilet? Growing up our toilets NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS! This one, it has had issues (serious issues) at least three times now. I'm not a happy camper. Now I'm off to clean the freakin' bathroom and then tomorrow bright and early, I get to call the manager(s) to get someone over here to fix the blasted thing again!

This weekend in pictures - I was kind to all of you and didn't post an image of a gross toilet. (Word of warning, don't go looking for images on google with the word toilet):

Yes, I am PMSing. Is it that obvious? *innocent* I swear though - it isn't me. (stop laughing!) Every month my husband just turns into a complete and utter ass munch for about a week. I'm going to run away from home soon. Although I do feel slightly better after spending the time making up those images. (loser)


Anonymous said...

LOL can I run away with you? and can we go somewhere exotic??

Sorry your weekend sucked...I never have eaten at Gag in the Bag since I was little and those people were getting sick.

Husbands have PMS too. I know mine gets antsy when he hasn't gotten a nap. I try to make sure he lays down when the girls too...I tell him they like to sleep with him and won't go to sleep without him. I think he knows I am full of crap, but when his babies turn those big eyes on him, he melts! LOL

But the key is a nap time!

Gloss This said...

Of course you can come with me! Oh goodness... at this point anywhere that is quiet and has a bed will do just fine. No need for hot guys walking around or beautiful scenery. I just need a vacation! Ack!

hahahaha Gag in a bag! Loves it! Supposedly it was the only place open... I don't know. It sounds weird to me since there are supposed to be several places open later.

Mine gets crabby with less sleep too and being that he likes to stay up until 4:30 in the morning, only to wake up 3 hours later to go to work. Um, yeah. But I mention that and there is no way (ha and a ha) that it's him and lack of sleep. Whatever. The man needs sleep. More regular sleep. I would die on 3 hours of sleep.