Sunday, July 24, 2005

My paper shredder just died.

Absolutely fantastic. Freakin' thing burned out. Can't blame it really but still.

I spent 6 hours last night/early this morning going through all our bills and other files. I pretty much filled up one of those huge ice chests (I couldn't find a box big enough) of papers I needed to shred. I swear, it's time like this I wish we had a fire place to just burn the darn stuff in.

So I guess I need to go out now and buy a new one... maybe one that doesn't barely cost $20 this time? Eh.... maybe not.


Day Dreamer said...

For a situation as big as yours (ice chest full of paper to shred), it might just be easier to go to a shredding company and drop your stuff off. :) Might be easier.

Of course, too often I take the philosophy of "If someone can get paid for doing something I don't want to do, I'll pay them." :)

Gloss This said...

I had no idea there even were such places. As it turned out, my shredder hadn't died for good - it got burned out. I ended up being able to get it all finished myself but had to do it in shifts making time for the shredder to cool off inbetween. What fun. That will serve as a reminder for me to actually go through everything each year and not let it build up like that. Ack.