Monday, July 18, 2005

Sun burns, peeling, itching, crabs, the beach

Last Tuesday kiddo and I finally made it to the beach. The first time this summer. It was not entirely my fault. We were waiting for it to get above 65 and it did. It hit 70 that day and was perfect.

Kiddo found a dead (empty) crab shell; he's holding it in his hand in that shot. He thought it was very cool. He played in the water some and got soaked as did I. Darn waves came in quicker and the tide was coming in so it looked like I'd peed myself. That was fun. He played in the sand, made a sand castle, went hunting for cool rocks and stuff. He had a ball.

I sat and ate lunch, drank some Diet Dr. Pepper and read a few chapters in Four To Score. I didn't apply any of the Neutrogena SPF 45 sun screen that I had in my bad to myself. Nope, I was going to get a little color on my pale self. Yup. Go me. Or not. I came home and quickly realized I'd burned my left shoulder. Ouch. As the night wore on it quickly became obvious that I hadn't just got myself a sun burn -- I'd totally fried my skin and it was pretty bad. I'm peeling now. I've had worse. You'd think I'd learn.... whatever. The kid did not get sun burned. I am a good mom at least in that aspect. My burn is peeling now which totally grosses out my husband. The kid thought it was gross until he saw how you can peel the skin off yourself and then he was totally grossed out and thought it was very cool all at the same time. Kids.

Yeah, I took all three of those photos. Don't be a jerk and steal them, ok? I'm not in the mood.


Anonymous said...

Lots of lotion will help the pealing stop...and in the future if you get burned apply lots of lotion and it will stop the pealing or at least lessen it.

Gloss This said...

Oh believe me, I did apply a ton of lotion. I'm sure had I not it would have been much, much worse.