Saturday, July 09, 2005

Do real men wear pink?

The other night kiddo said, completely out of the blue, "It takes a real man to wear pink." If you knew my husband... I look at hubby and asked if he'd fully heard what kiddo said. I repeated it and stated he needed to spend more time with his child. LOL

To kiddo I asked, "Uh, who told you that?" He said, "Gramma" (hubby's mom)... then he said, "No, it was JA" (hubby's sister). Ack! LOL

For the record, my husband would never wear pink; I personally don't care though I don't think many straight men can pull it off. And for the record, my father in law would also not be caught dead wearing pink. :)

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Anonymous said...

There is a guy in my abnormal psyc class (need I really go on?) anyway, he has a pink is kinda a baby pink, and it is cute. He is a cutie so that helps...completely straight and a guy I would consider a slut puppy. I make fun of his pink shirt and he says the real man thing too...but he hasn't grown up enough yet to be a real man. I guess the pink shirt is ok but I would never let my husband wear one.