Monday, April 11, 2005

Finally! A fake Louis that isn't trying to fool anyone.

It's an epidemic. The fake Louis Vuitton purses, bags, key chains and wallets are everywhere. For those of us who can easily spot one - we know the knock offs have gotten out of hand. It's not that I own a real (or fake) Louis. Nope, sorry. If I even had that kind of cash, I most certainly would not waste it on a bag for heavens sake. I just had too much time on my hands one day and found this site which is highly informative.

Anyway, I have a hate-hate phony Louis thing happening. So today when I saw that finally, someone had come up with a knock off that was proud to be just that. A knock off that wasn't even attempting to fool anyone - I immediately loved the blatant honesty of it all. What a total riot and a half.

If you want to see more and or buy one of these in-your-face-fake Louis check it out!

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Tammy said...

Me, too! I went into the LV store today, and couldn't get into it, since there are so many copy cats out there. Uhg!