Monday, April 18, 2005

Super Woman has a break down and takes a bath

Yeah, so I know that is Super Girl, not Super Woman. Sue me.

I'm sure like me; you have those days where you are unstoppable. You're getting so much crap done you even impress yourself. You're Wonder Woman, you're Super Woman, you're Super Mom. You're rocking the world and you rule. That was my day. I didn't get everything I needed to get done, done - but I did get a lot of things taken care of.

Shopping (not the fun sort), Post Office, The Kid and his Homework, dinner (an elaborate dish that took a long time to make), strawberry shortcake, dishes (x3), laundry (x4) and work. Yup, I actually did real bonafide work that I get paid for. I got it finished even. Woo for me. Of course, I'm getting another batch on Wednesday but I'll enjoy this while I can.

So I'm completely exhausted. My hormones are a complete and utter mess ~ just F.Y.I. I finally sat my butt down on the couch at 9 p.m. to watch Jack my man on 24. (Yeah, I know his real name is Kiefer, but I love him as Jack and he said it's ok for me to call him that. *snort*)

I lost it; broke-down-can't-deal-with-it broke the hell down. My poor husband, bless him, comes over and just holds me after asking me, "What's wrong?" Me: "I don't know." So, I cry. He holds me. It's a real awww moment for sure.

I'm not a big crier. Like, not at all. But I am ready to drop and if my hormones don't get straightened out soon I may end up committing homicide.

Super Woman needs a bath. Super Woman needs her lovely bed.

this is,
Super Woman - OUT!

Jack Bauer


Keith said...

How did you get your picture on your template?? I can't figure it out.

Gloss This said...

Depending on the template it automatically puts the icon/image on the blog. If your template doesn't do that, go to the blogger dashboard, under Template and edit it to have your image on your blog/template where ever you'd like it to show up.

Hope that helps.