Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Top 17 Reasons Why Today Sucks ~ and some good crap, too

Let the count down begin!

Top 17 reasons why today has totally sucked

1. Having a terrible headache this morning.

2. Not being able to sleep the headache off 'cuz people were pounding on my door non-stop

3. People pounding on my door 'cuz the bathroom ceiling in the apartment under ours caved in

4. I can't stop thinking about falling through my own bathroom floor whilst on the john and or wet, freshly out of the shower

5. My hormones are beyond wonky and my Dr. can't see me until Monday.

6. I just might kill someone before I can see my Dr. on Monday with these hormones raging.

7. I dropped my store card in the check out; picked it up and dropped my ATM card, twice all in a matter of 90 seconds.

8. Between all of this I feel like I'm buzzing and not in a good way... just in that, I might pass out in a moment and god I sure hope I do type of thing

9. My kid, who has been going to a special reading class - brings home a TON of extra homework today. Work that he is supposed to now do at home. Why? Because he's not in class while they do it. What's the point?!

10. People, in general suck and like to take issue with stupid things that don't matter. They need to be shot in the foot to remind them not to be stupid and annoying.

11. putting a Wendy's Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe in the microwave to nuke it, in its wrapper and it burning, flicking burnt bits and flame around the inside of the microwave and then it shocking me when I went to turn the microwave off. Because um... Wendy's Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe does not, apparently, come in a microwave safe wrapper. Whaddya know.

12. Having to clean the bathroom tonight because the plumber will be here in the morning.

13. People not doing what they said they would in relation to the Spring Auction Basket we're putting together. The cut off date is Friday (was supposed to be today) and our class basket is completely pathetic. C'mon folks!

14. Snapping at my husband and kid.

15. Not getting to sleep at all... I am running on 3.5 hours of sleep (it's no wonder, huh?)

16. the headache that has come back. It was gone for most of the day but is back with a vengeance.

17. Kiddo's asthma acting up something awful

And some good crap that happened today

1. Kiddo's friends mom took him home with her from school

2. I got a $400 check in the mail (and a pile of work, but the money is nice)

3. The plumber will be here tomorrow morning

4. I do have an appointment for Monday and not for 4 weeks from now which is nice

5. Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Cookies *mmmmm*

6. Wendy's Frosty *delish*

7. My kid is still cute and sweet even if I would have given him away tonight had someone come to the door asking. Tonight he said, "Mom, I still love you no matter what. And I'm not gonna stop." Awww, he loves his bitch of a mom no matter what. Just melts ya, don't it?

8. Nice visit with kiddo's friends mom when I went to pick him up

9. Kiddo not being here this afternoon so I could be alone, not kill anyone and be here for the manager

10. my bed... I love my bed and I actually hope to get to lay in it sometime tonight... by 1 a.m. at least. *sigh*

So, how was your day?

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