Thursday, April 07, 2005

What is wrong with people?!

"Sell crazy some place else -- we're all stocked up here."

- Jack Nicholson, As Good As It Gets

Holy....... I'm so pissed. I know, it's nothing I should even let rent space in my head, so let me get it all out here and be done with it.

My kiddo's school, like many others, has Bank Day. Bank Day is sponsored by Washington Mutual Bank. It's just a fun way for kids to save up their money in an account, learn about buying, saving, spending all while earing a fun toy or item every week to every other week. It's free for the kids and the school. It's pretty cool. My kid likes it a lot.

Anyway, many weeks ago I get a call asking me if I'd be willing to help out because it was down to just one mom doing it and if she had to keep doing it alone she was going to stop altogether. Understandable, right? Absolutely. So I said, yes. (I'm learning to stop saying yes.... fairly quickly after this school year, too, lemme tell ya.... I'm room mom... a mistake I won't make again) Fine. So that next Friday morning I showed up at the school at 11 a.m. as I was told. I sat and I waited. And waited. And waited. The gals in the office said, "Oh yeah, she was all worried you wouldn't be here since she tried to call you and left messages and you hadn't called her back." All of that is, for a fact, a big, ugly, nasty lie. Had she called me, I would have known. She'd called me before so I know she doesn't block caller ID. I have caller ID, so I know who calls me and when. She hadn't left even one message on my machine. This really bugged me that she had said this crap, but whatever. Perhaps it was all just a misunderstanding. Stuff happens, right?

So I'm waiting and waiting.... finally at 11:30 a.m. the other gal shows up. Ok, whatever. Stuff happens. I've been late a few times in my life, too. We do Bank Day for the kids.... we're mostly just sitting on our asses for a few hours in the office. Boring stuff. There was maybe 5 minutes were, yes, it was nice that there were two of us -- otherwise, what was I doing there?!

The next week I'm sick. Very sick, actually. I've got a fever and everything. I hadn't really slept because of a cough that was keeping me up at night. So what? I can deal. I mean, it's for the kids, they love Bank Day - so I get up, I get ready. Then I get a call from the school's office -- NOT from the woman who does Bank Day -- telling me that the gal who does Bank Day called THEM and said she wasn't going to do it that day. Niiiiiiiiiice. Yes, I was pissed off. In a big way. I was sick, I got up to go when I could have been in bed sleeping which I really needed being sick and all. At this point I no longer feel like stuff happens and that I should just shrug it all off. I'm pretty pissed at how this woman handles things. Maybe it's me and I'm just too Type A -- but c'mon. Lets be considerate of other people's time. Show enough respect for them that you frickin' let them know if they don't need to show up for something.

So, the next two weeks I was unable to do Bank Day. I told her way ahead of time that I wouldn't be there as I had made previous commitments long before. The two weeks after that were Spring Break, so I had 4 weeks off. She never called me for that first Friday back at school (which would be a week ago -- April 1) so I didn't show up. Why should I? I'm sorry, but going to the school (which is not right down the street) is a big chunk of my time if I don't need to be there. She's upset apparently that I didn't show up. Um, ok. She then says that I should be there every week unless I hear otherwise. Ok. Fine.

Here's what takes the frick-frakin' cake people. I know, I know... let it out, get over it and move on...

I just now get an e-mail from my mother in law (she works in the school office) to tell me to tell my son that he doesn't need to bring any cash in tomorrow because there will be no Bank Day. Holy hell. Holy shit. I'm pissed. Ya wanna know why? Because I saw this woman TODAY at the school. Because when I saw her she was all, "Make sure you're there tomorrow. I won't be there, but two other moms will be." F-cktastic. So, had my MIL not been the kind of person she is and told me to let my kid know not to being money tomorrow -- I'd have freakin' showed up without a clue that there was no Bank Day.

That's it. I'm done. They can close down Bank Day at the school. I don't care. It's way too unorganized. It cuts into my time way too much just for nonsense. Taking up my time for the children? That's fine with me, but some crazy a$$ woman who should seek professional help? Just no. I would much rather go back to volunteering in my child's classroom one afternoon a week, ya know? At least his teacher isn't batty and I like seeing the kids learn and interact with each other.

I'm glad to be done with this woman. She makes me want to hurt myself to make it stop and that's never a good thing.

Whew. Ok, yeah, I feel better now.

* as the night wore on I got a couple more e-mails from my mother in law. Apparently, this woman does this with everyone, not just me. Hum.... maybe that's why she was working Bank Day by herself? Geez. Ya think?!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry...she just wanted an excuse to not do it anymore and you were her out. Too bad she wasn't mature enough to be up front with her intentions, and the children have to suffer.
You do what ya can.

Gloss This said...

I don't know what her problem was/is. There are things that only she can do for Bank Day, so it would have been pointless for me to show up without her there (or someone else who may also be able to do certain things). It doesn't make sense. At all.

Oh, and she did just get a job so it seems like she will no longer be doing it though she won't come right out and say that.

Whatever. Not my problem anymore and gosh, that feels good. :)