Friday, April 08, 2005

I am so addicted to my Blog... plus crazy people that crack me up

Was I the only one who was unable to do jack where Blogger was concerned last night? I couldn't post any thing new, post or read comments. I was going a bit batty. How sad that I'm already this addicted... I wouldn't have been so bad except I desperately needed to get that story of the crazy Bank Day woman out of my mind and couldn't. *looks around*

Yeah. I'm fine.

Ok, so hilarious crazy people time. Have you heard of the Star Wars fans who are already lined up outside a theater waiting for the new Star Wars movie? You can read about the crazy people here.

Um, yeah.... so:

1. The movie doesn't open until May 19. That is more than a month away people. Do they not have jobs?! I only wish I could sit outside a theater for over a month. Not that I would, mind you. I'd do other things with my time. I just wish I could do it.

2. What really made me laugh... come to find out, the theater they were waiting at isn't even going to be showing the new Star Wars flick. Ha!

3. Wait for it.... it gets better... when they found out that the new Star Wars flick wouldn't be playing there, did they leave? Nope. They're determined to stay there. Now that is comedy people! Hilarious stuff!

I told my husband about this last night and his response was: "What state was this?" Me: "Um.... sadly dear it's our state, California." No shocker there, really. *snort*

Ok, the full truth is - the theater is Grauman’s famous Chinese Theater in Hollywood which is apparently (like I'd know this even though I'm a big geek myself) a huge Star Wars hang out for weeks prior to the movie releases. Apparently the previous movies premiered and showed there. Still, do you honestly assume something like that? Camp out in front of a building prior to verifying that the movie is even going to show there?

Dude, I guess I am just not a committed Star Wars fan. I would have been prior to the last two movies, but now... I am just not sure how I'll handle watching Hayden Christensen present the cheese in his voice... it grates on my nerves and makes me want to run away screaming. In Hayden's defense, I did see him in Life as a House and thought he was perfect in that role. But for Anakin? Just... no. What was George thinking?


michelle said...

I heard/read somewhere that some guy has been camped out at a theater for months waiting for opening night!

Anonymous said...

I kept checking blogger every few minutes to see if it was back up! I was so upset...not that I had anything prolific to say...or forget prolific we will just go with interesting...but I wanted to read what others had to write...

I can't believe they are camping out like that. I don't even go to the movies the night the show opens. I like my space when I watch a movie. I like knowing that my popcorn and pop is safe from the person sitting next to me. How about the people that dress up like the characters when they go see the movie??? What is the point I ask???