Monday, April 18, 2005

Oreo's are awesome and last week sucked

Oreo's are awesome. That is all.

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What a thing to post after my "I'm all gonna exercise regularly again" post... but seriously. Oreo's are, indeed, very awesome.

Ever have a week that you were just relieved it was over and you somehow survived? Yeah, me too. More often than I'd like. Last week was one of those. Sadly, this coming week has more crap for me to deal with so while I was glad last week ended I am hardly looking forward to this one.


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Anonymous said...

I absolutly hate having a bad week, and knowing the next week will be just as bad. That is horrible. I'm sorry...and I agree, oreos are awsome and I was just saying to DH lastnight that I wanted some when a commercial came on! LOL

Thanks so much for the link by the way! You are a sweetie!