Monday, April 18, 2005

Talk about depressing....

I have been hit by motivation. The realization that if you want something, you have to make it happen. This time around it's the get-healthy-work-out-and-lose-some-more-weight bug which means none other than needing some new stuff: shorts, shoes and sports bra. The first two are no problem, but that last one is what nightmares are made of.

Knowing full well that my drawer full of bras are totally worn out, worthless and no longer even fit me I had to take measurements of the girls. This is what gets me completely depressed. Sure, there are many women out there who pay big bucks for huge boobs. I, however, am not one of them. My girls are real and they have totally screwed up my back. I see a reduction in my future.... anyway - with measuring I was rather horrified to read the measurements. Typing the numbers into's site they to try a, size way bigger than I thought I'd need. It's gonna take more than luck to find a bra that doesn't kill my back, under arms or shoulders and actually holds the girls up.

Let's see.... now there's this one which ~ honestly now - is that gonna hold up with exercise? Yeah, I think not... but I am diggin' the price. Maybe for an every day type of deal? I don't know.

Image hosted by

Then there's the Enell - loved by Oprah and others priced at a not so kind $54. Cripes. I am obviously in the wrong business. They're going for less on eBay... but dern! $47 plus shipping. *gasp*

I am, basically, screwed. I have to cave and buy something that will work. I'm used to spending a crazy amount on a bra because even when I'm smaller, I'm not nearly small enough to buy anything in Victoria's Secret, which means I'm not small enough to buy any $10-$15 bra elsewhere. Le sigh.

Wish me luck. I'm going to have to hit the mall tomorrow to see what's local (which will be nothing I'm sure). That will bring on another wave of depression... but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do and what's the point in ordering something online if I'm not even sure it will fit. I'll at the very least make sure that I do, indeed, need a bra that big. Do they even call them bra's at that enormous size?!


Anonymous said...

I bought a sports bra from jcpenny online, and I love it! I have BIG girls, and am also considering a reduction...though dh is fighting that one!

It is the instant shaping zip front bra. It is about $24 and I think completely worth it. They have a good selection and I find these have as much if not more support than several others that have been a waste of money. I also like those tank top types, they support even a little more and I would prefer them if they didnt ride up.

Hope this helps a little.

michelle said...

I'm with ya on the big boobies! I was seriously considering a reduction until I found out I'm pregnant again! This will be the last so maybe after this ine is born. I HATE buying bras of any kind!

Gloss This said...

Hi Charity ~

We don't have a JCP locally - so I had checked online and they had one and only one bra in my size (yup, the girls are *that* big). Pity. I'll just say, I was a 42DDD and now my cup size is even bigger. *shudder*

But thanks - I have got to go try some things on this week to find out if I measured myself correctly or not. What fun.

Gloss This said...

Hi Michelle,

It is, I admit, a relief to hear from others in similar situations. So many people, it seems, don't really get it because they wish they were bigger... if they only knew. I abhor buying bras. I do it so rarely which isn't good since the girls, being so large, stretch out bras in no time flat!

Congrats on your pregnancy!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I am a 36DD and that is a tight fit. I have found that I buy one cup smaller in sports bras so I get a little added support without hurting the girls.
Hope you find something.