Thursday, September 08, 2005

Are mom jeans worse than flabby bellies with stretch marks?

I have to ask.....

Which is worse? wearing mom jeans or wearing low rise pants that make your flabby rolling belly hang over a few inches showing your stretch marks?

This is brought on by what I saw yesterday outside of a store. I'm not a fashionista. I'm a jeans and tees kind of girl. I'm a mom, I don't have a job outside of my home that means I must dress up in any way. I won't wear anything that shows my belly as a public service. Trust me, I've got some rolls and plenty of stretch marks from my pregnancy 7+ years ago. I don't want to see it and neither does anyone else.

So what do you think? Are mom jeans (which, no I don't wear them - I wear just normal jeans) better than allowing a chubby stretch marked belly out for all the world to see? Me? I'd go with mom jeans before I was that cruel to the world.


beadbeauty said...

First of all, I am loving your blog! Thanks for the link from myspace. Second of all--- this topic rules. There is a lady at my daughter's school that offends me before I've even seen her face. LOL! She always wears the LOWEST rise jean. So much I'm afraid for her to sneeze. She wears tank tops which I don't usually have a problem with but for some reason, she cannot do right by me. She's extremely bony so I think the mommy jeans question goes either way. Anyway- she's pasty and about 20 pounds sopping wet. She's always talking about being 'so fat' and it's obvious she has an eating disorder. ANYWAY- I wear regular jeans with t's almost every day unless of course I'm wearing capris. I'm all about the comfort. Did I just say that?

My answer is this: I'd rather see mommy jeans or even fat rolls anyday than seeing the verge of a coochie and nipples. IT"S AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! PS- Did I mention that this woman has shaved her 2nd grader A MOHAWK? CAn we say TROUBLE? She's an imbicile.

Gloss This said...


Ok, yes. Definitely mom jeans and even showing some icky tummy is way better than showing nipple or worse. Ack!

Ya know, I'm no prude (far from it) but hello?! Once you're a mom dress like you respect yourself. Show your child that they don't need to show the world their goods.

michelle said...

Why not just wear a shirt that COVERS the roll, it doesn't have to hang out! Although sometimes just the sight of the roll there freaks some people out. It amazes me what some people have the guts to wear.

Gloss This said...

That was kind of my point - if you want to wear low rise pants why not just get a longer shirt? Why show the tummy that really isn't that nice to look at? I mean, people can do what they want - I'm just at a loss as to why they'd want to show the world that.

Uh-oh. If people even noticing that there is a roll (with a shirt over it) freaks people out I'm in BIG trouble! LOL

michelle said...

I have a friend who can't stand the sight of fat rolls. I told her she's neurotic and needs to get over it!