Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Mirrors suck. Big time.

You know when you're already not exactly feeling your best? I mean, you know you didn't put makeup on and you already know your hair is months behind on the highlights thing and it needs a cut desperately... but then you catch sight of yourself in a mirror and can really SEE how horrible it is and you just feel like mega-crap? Yeah, that happened to me today. I knew I didn't look good. I guess I was just in denial about how bad I was looking. Granted, it was in a store dressing room - but still!

I bought two pair of jeans and hoodie. It has been really pathetic that I own one pair of pants and they are black, not jeans. I mean, I own more than that - I just can't currently fit INTO anything else. I do have capri's and such but gosh I simply had to get me some jeans that fit. Of course this made me late picking up Kiddo from school. And my Mother-in-Law who works in the office at the school called and left a message on our machine at home saying he was getting concerned. I asked him about it and his attitude was basically he could care less. He was hanging out with friends and his grandma was right in the office. So yeah, bad mom moment. Oh well. I seriously had to get some pants and taking Kiddo to the mall when I have to try things on is about as fun as shooting ones self in the foot.

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