Thursday, September 01, 2005

Katrina relief.....

In the wake of what a disaster the south has become I'm so glad to read about the following:

Donations, supplies rush in...
Morgan Freeman to help raise funds for Katrina relief
TV Telethons Announced for Katrina Victims
Duff to Donate $250K for Katrina Victims
Dave Matthews Band to Do Benefit Concert
Katrina Felt Across Entertainment World
Diddy, Jay-Z pledge $1M to Red Cross
Cage donates cash to New Orleans neighbours
Celine Dion pledges $1million US to American Red Cross

I only wish I was able to do more than I can... Whatever you might be able to do (donate cash, pray, whatever) I hope you'll do so. A friend of mine is going to donate 100% of her profits from her Body Shop at Home business to the Red Cross between Sept. 1 - Sept. 14 - that's 25% of your order going to help the victims of Katrina. Want to help out and enjoy some great products at the same time? Check out her site!

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michelle said...

I agree, I'm glad those people are donating. I am also grateful that other countries are coming to our aid. Sometimes I feel like all of our help to others is done in vain, unappreciated, constantly criticized. This makes me feel better!