Friday, September 09, 2005

Grocery store shopping etiquette

Some tips on how not to piss off other shoppers:

1) While it's fabulous you're shopping with your friend and her two children, please respect that there are other people in the store too. That means, don't block every isle the two of you lazily stroll down. It also means it's not a good idea to stop mid-isle, blocking off the entire isle and just stand there and chat like you're on the beach. Not everyone is there with their friend having a blast and being lazy. Some of us actually need to get what's on our list and get the heck outta there. We have stuff to do. Move it!

2) If you have three children under the age of 5 and one of them cannot be controlled by you or any other human being, it's probably not a good idea to take them to the store. A screaming, shrieking 2 year old wandering around while his mom keeps yelling at him and saying things like, "You better get over here or I'm leaving you." really makes the whole grocery shopping experience even less pleasant than usual. I get you may not be able to go shopping without all three kids, that's life. However, if said 2 year old can scream and throw a fit for the entire 40 minutes you're grocery shopping it's definitely past time you learn some new techniques on how to deal because your child is hell on legs.

3) If you work at the store and end up bagging groceries for someone that include 2 liter bottles of soda... it's not a good idea to put two into a single, thin plastic bag and then place it on the shelf under the shopping basket. The reason this is not a good idea is that when the poor customer pushes their cart out to their car that bag has a really good chance of slipping off the cart completely thus dumping out both 2 liter bottles of soda into the parking lot. And 2 liter bottles of soda roll pretty darn well. Said customer may not even realize what happened until she's already at her car and has people yelling, "Miss! Miss! Did you drop something?!"

I'm just saying.


beadbeauty said...

That's happened to me. And it's happend with jugs of water, and milk. Except the milk exploded one time. You'd think I'd learn, huh? And AMEN to the child issue. I am a mother. I have 2 children. I used to think I gave birth to the anti christ at moments. BUT LET ME TELL YOU- my son (the antichrist) was CHAINED to the basket. He was in that thing and was quiet during shopping. My friends say "He's so good!" But I know. He was capable of a freak out in a split second. I cannot stand parents who a) ignore their screaming child. b) freak out and scream/threaten their child in public or c) rationalize with a screaming child. That doesn't leave much room does it? LOL!

My kids behave in public. They don't roam in restaurants (a big pet peeve of mine- like you at the grocery store). They stay next to the basket and move OUT of the way at the store when another is in the aisle. They say please and THANK YOU to the waiter when food is brought. I want them to appreciate it! In my opinion, everyone should wait tables or be a hostess in a restaurant so you can experience the whole thing there. Maybe that's why I'm so adamant about my kids sitting in their chairs when we eat out. My SIL lets her kids roam the restaurant and it KILLS me. I'm thinking- that poor waitress is going to dump that entire platter of Fajitas on your child's head and then you are going to sue her for it. Ugh.

And how's THAT for getting completely off topic?

michelle said...

I'm guilty of being one of "those" moms! I once let my daugher scream half way through a shopping trip. Next time it happened though, we left! The thing with her is you never know how she's gonna be while we are there. One minute she's an angle and the next she's screaming. I don't take her now inless I absolutely HAVE too!