Monday, September 26, 2005

Key issues

Yeah... so it wasn't that long ago that my house key/key to the laundry facilities broke off in the laundry room door. I went the next day and got a duplicate made from my husband's key.

I already had to make another replacement. What is the deal?! The new one I'd had made, it freakin' bent. How on earth does a key get bent. I went to use it one morning after taking Kiddo to school and the stupid key was bent and thus, would not slide into the lock and unlock the door.


Thankfully my husband was at home, though sound alseep in bed. Yes, the lucky duck sleeps in a lot later than I get to on school days. I pounded on the door for a few minutes and then started yelling. Once he realized it was me he opened the door. I was lucky. He can usually sleep through anything.

I figure I really ought to have made more than one copy this time around since this whole key thing is just bizarre. Never had issues with keys before... of course I didn't get an extra made. I just love going to the shop and asking the dude to make me another key. Not.

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