Friday, September 16, 2005

Thoughts for the day (thus far)

I'm having some serious sticker shock issues right now. My husband just told me how much my new computer is going to cost. Holy crap. No matter I have to have a new computer. Mine is locking up on me every few moments and I'm here trying to get some actual get-paid-for-work work done.

Is it wrong that after eating two Krispy Kreme's yesterday I no longer feel so depressed and hateful to the world? I guess it's PMS (x10) that's going on, but ugh. I've been hating on everything for the last week. Yesterday, after donut time, I felt perfectly fine. Today I'm still feeling better but not as good as yesterday afternoon.

I was so ready when school started back up for Kiddo on Aug. 1. Now we've only got two more weeks before their first break. I'm about ready for it. I need the sleep. Been having terrible insomnia for the last week... which now that I think about it may have been related to my hating the world bit.

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Bitch On Wheels said...

my roommate currently has the "new computer blues", but if you have to replace it, there's not much you can do, right? I admire your Krispy Kreme strategy - that's how I handle most of my office stress.

Good luck (and make sure you get some "fun" stuff for the new system)!